A prestudy provided an agile method for developing processes

Background / starting point

Tevella Oy was preparing to move to new facilities and in connection with this, a critical and comprehensive outside opinion about the company’s in-house logistics processes from receiving, to shelving, picking, packing and shipping was sought. The solution was the Warehousing Efficiency Prestudy offered by Leanware.

Why Leanware?

“We wanted an opinion from Finland’s leading in-house logistics and process expert, who can bravely challenge and question our operations and processes using Lean methods,” says Tevella’s CEO Jyri-Jukka Ääri.

”It was clear already at the beginning that we would be needing a WMS to work alongside our current ERP. Leanware convinced us with their skills and references that they could provide us with the necessary outside opinion, without forgetting the systems in the background,” Ääri continues.


In the prestudy, an analysis of the order-delivery material was done, and it was used to form a general picture of the material flow and volume of operations. Additionally, an expert spent a day at the customer’s warehouse familiarizing themselves with the processes, recognizing development points and assessing their potential. As a summary, a recommendation about operational development was produced as well as a payback calculation to support the customer’s decision making process.


“The results of the assessment confirmed our perception on needing changes, which we had already recognized. Luckily, this gave us practical operational suggestions that we were able to adopt right away. This resulted in savings and improved efficiency even before the deployment of the WMS system,” Jyri-Jukka Ääri states.