In the cloud or on the server

All Leanware products are available as flexible SaaS cloud service solutions or as on-premise installations on the user’s own server in accordance with the needs and purposes that have been defined together.


SaaS (Software as a Service) systems are saved directly over the web into a cloud service making a warehouse or production server unnecessary. SaaS is a completely maintenance-free service, in which Leanware is responsible for the availability of the software.

Benefits of a SaaS solution include:

  • No need for a large initial capital for server acquisitions – monthly costs are distributed evenly and the service provider takes care of needed infra skills.
  • It is easy to grow or shrink the needed capacity
  • A cloud service can be accessed anywhere and at any time, as long as there is a working web connection
  • The service provider is responsible for information security and backups
  • The software evolves and updates automatically – the newest version is always in use
  • The use of SaaS is easy to start and to stop


As an on-premise installation, the system is installed on a server that is controlled by the customer locally or in a cloud

Benefits of an on-premise solution include:

  • Existing servers can be used or the solution can be limited to a certain location
  • More tightly limited web connections can be applied to the solution
  • The update cycle can be determined by the customer

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