Automation as part of warehouse management

The opportunities provided by automation are a requirement for today’s efficient logistics center. Using a good control system enables gathering information during the entire lead time of the product. In the ideal situation, all of your information systems are compatible.

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Leanware specializes in merging automation control into an efficient part of warehouse management. Automation is controlled with MES or WMS systems and there is no need for separate control systems or manual control. This way automation is a part of the overall process and it can be fully utilized.

A warehouse needs a control system that can perform all the functions necessary for business. One of the most important parts of a control system is the person doing the controlling, whose mode of operation makes the difference. In an efficient operation, all processes must work together.

Benefits of warehouse automation control

Better payback

More complete processes

Automation becomes part of everything

100% traceability of products

Steps towards warehouse automation control

Warehouse automation control can benefit anyone handling items or using conveyors, AGVs, stacker cranes or material automation devices.

We always start with a Prestudy, in which we review the current situation and the necessary measures. We use conceptualized models for the Prestudies and we compare the results to our extensive customer data and the best practices of the business. This way we can find the challenges based on data and the most important development points that we can tackle together.


Choosing and scaling warehouse automation


System description, modeling




System deployment


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Continuous development

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