LeanwareWMS – the intelligent and guiding warehouse management system

A warehouse management system that is managed by data raises the profitability of the company, enables growth and improves reliability, making for satisfied customers – without forgetting the staff. Your employees will be more comfortable when working is smooth and new staff members can be trained to be e.g., professional pickers in even under an hour. Choose the intelligent and guiding LeanwareWMS!

“Waste has decreased and money is saved on every row. We can see, in real time, what items are in stock and where they are located. Balances are accurate and there are no inventory errors. The picking efficiency of small items is up to five times better than it was.”

– Antti Kaunisto, Logistics Manager, Fysioline Oy

“Productivity has risen by 20 to 30 percent.”

– Antti Sinervo, Logistics Manager, Tuomi Logistiikka Oy

“The operative costs of the warehouse have decreased by about 25%. There is no back log of orders or unpicked rows and our picking efficiency has risen tremendously. Now we no longer have containers waiting in line in the harbor, even though our order numbers are at a record high.”

– Timo Eronen, Production and Logistics Manager, Airam Electric Oy Ab

“The traceability of the delivery chain and the monitoring of stock balances is down to seconds. As e-commerce keeps growing, logistics need to be super competitive, so that all customer groups can be served quickly while maintaining standards. Leanware is an agile and innovative partner, who has been easy to cooperate with in realizing the best possible solution from design to implementation.”

– Mikko Eronen, Logistics Development Manager, ALSO Finland Oy

“Training seasonal staff for picking can be done in as little as 15 minutes. The warehouse worker’s terminal directly shows the picture of the item to be picked making work even easier.”

– Henri Nyström, Managing Director, Varusteleka Oy

Efficient warehouse management

The LeanwareWMS (Warehouse Management System) is a more intelligent, guiding and efficient warehouse management system than ERP, and is managed by data – not gut feeling. If you want your warehouse to be as efficient as possible, choose LeanwareWMS.

For Leanwareans, a warehouse is not just a warehouse, it’s the beating heart of an efficient business. Intelligent guidance, operational transparency, dynamic storage and broad integration to other systems ensure efficient warehouse management.

Efficient warehousing enhances the company’s profitability, enables growth using the same or smaller resources and adds to customer satisfaction through improved delivery reliability and accuracy. The staff will also enjoy their work more when using a modern and easy-to-use WMS.

LeanwareWMS benefits include:

  • Cost savings of up to 500,000 € per annum
  • Raising the delivery capacity of the warehouse 2.5-fold using the same number of staff
  • A delivery accuracy of 99.9%
  • 50% shorter delivery times
  • No more picking errors
  • Item circulation works FIFO and/or FEFO
  • Inventory balance accuracy at least 99.9 %
  • 100 % automatic traceability
  • Learning curve shortened to even one hour
  • Automation control
  • Realtime implements for daily management


One method of measuring the efficiency of warehouses is the total efficiency formula. The formula is simple: the delivered rows are divided by the time used on warehouse work.

The total efficiency increase generates the majority of the savings for the warehouse.

Using the results of 250 warehouse analyses and over 30 delivered WMS solutions, we have been able to calculate that the total efficiency of a warehouse managed by ERP is approximately 6 rows/person/hour. Using WMS, the efficiency can be multiplied.


We work daily with the best warehouses in Finland. LeanwareWMS is a ready software to suit the needs of every warehouse. Intelligent guidance, operational transparency, dynamic storage and broad integration to other systems ensure efficient warehouse management. Below are the LeanwareWMS software options. Let’s set up a meeting and determine, which option is best suited for your warehouse.


All of our systems are available as flexible SaaS solutions or as on-premise installations on your own server.

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