LeanwareWMS – The Intelligent and Guiding Warehouse Management System

A data-driven, efficient warehouse management system elevates a company’s profitability, enables growth, and enhances operational reliability. Error-free and up-do-date deliveries improve customer satisfaction. Your employees will have better work experience when operations are seamless, and new recruits can be trained to become professional pickers in under an hour. 

“Productivity has risen by 20 to 30 percent.”

– Antti Sinervo, Logistics Manager, Tuomi Logistiikka Oy

“The operative costs of the warehouse have decreased by about 25%. There is no back log of orders or unpicked rows and our picking efficiency has risen tremendously. Now we no longer have containers waiting in line in the harbor, even though our order numbers are at a record high.”

– Timo Eronen, Production and Logistics Manager, Airam Electric Oy Ab

“The traceability of the delivery chain and the monitoring of stock balances is down to seconds. As e-commerce keeps growing, logistics need to be super competitive, so that all customer groups can be served quickly while maintaining standards. Leanware is an agile and innovative partner, who has been easy to cooperate with in realizing the best possible solution from design to implementation.”

– Mikko Eronen, Logistics Development Manager, ALSO Finland Oy

“Training seasonal staff for picking can be done in as little as 15 minutes. The warehouse worker’s terminal directly shows the picture of the item to be picked making work even easier.”

– Henri Nyström, Managing Director, Varusteleka Oy

Efficient warehouse management

LeanwareWMS (Warehouse Management System) is a warehouse management system smarter, more guiding, and more efficient than ERP’s warehouse functions, managed with data – not by guesswork. 

If you want to get the best performance out of your warehouse, choose LeanwareWMS. LeanwareWMS scales to meet the customer’s needs. The software is in use in companies of various sizes in the retail and industrial sectors – customer satisfaction is excellent, at 8.6! 

Intelligent control, operational transparency and dynamic unit-based storing are key elements in good inventory management. In addition, comprehensive integrations with other systems ensure a functional and efficient whole. 

LeanwareWMS collects data on all activities performed, and the information is easily stored in an analyzable format, providing real-time situational awareness. Transparency enables precise, up-to-date daily management and continuous improvement of operations. 

Efficient inventory management enhances a company’s profitability, enables growth with fewer resources, and increases customer satisfaction through improved delivery reliability and accuracy. Employees also enjoy working more when they have a modern and user-friendly WMS at their disposal. 

Cost effectiveness

Inventory accuracy

Delivery accuracy

Warehouse Automation Control

Space efficiency

Support for Seasonal fluctuations

100 % traceability

Rapid onboarding

Effective daily management

LeanwareWMS in Warehouse Management

LeanwareWMS software is suitable for the needs of every warehouse. Intelligent control, operational transparency, dynamic storage, and comprehensive integrations with other systems ensure efficient warehouse management. All our systems are available as flexible SaaS solutions or for on-premises installations on your own server.

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