Smoothly operating in-house logistics are the heart of an efficient factory. A digital factory requires an intelligent and guiding warehouse management system to ensure production’s seamless and high-quality service, efficient logistics, full transparency and management by data.

“The production development measures aim at increasing the productivity of the assembly process by 10 to 30%.”

– Juha Linnusmäki, Production Development Manager, Avant Tecno Oy

“Being behind on schedule in this type of assembly is usually a result of not having a necessary component available. With LeanwareWMS, we are able to see in real time what our inventory balance is for each item at a given time, which allows us to forecast production and the necessary materials.”

– Toni Teittinen, Production Manager of Assembly and Warehousing, SEW Industrial Gears Oy

The LeanwareWMS (Warehouse Management System) is a more intelligent, guiding and efficient warehouse management system than ERP, and is managed by data – not gut feeling. The WMS gathers information about all operations, saves it in an easily analyzable form and situational information is real-time. This enables efficient daily management and continuous improvement of operations.

The factory environment creates special needs for in-house logistics and warehouse management that must be answered by the WMS. LeanwareWMS is a complete solution for the factory’s in-house logistics and improves productivity, the total efficiency of logistics and quality. This can be seen as improved competitiveness.

Smoothly running factory in-house logistics have a great impact on the productivity of production. When logistics is able to faultlessly deliver the right materials at the right time to the right place, production staff is able to fully concentrate on their own work. The intelligent management of LeanwareWMS enables the shift to a more centralized and better serving logistic that works efficiently.

LeanwareWMS benefits include:

  • Cost savings of up to 500,000 € per annum
  • Significant improvement of productivity
  • Raising the delivery capacity of the warehouse 2.5-fold using the same number of staff
  • A delivery accuracy of 99.9%
  • 50% shorter delivery times
  • No more picking errors
  • Item circulation works FIFO and/or FEFO
  • Inventory balance accuracy at least 99.9 %
  • 100 % automatic traceability
  • Learning curve shortened to even one hour
  • Automation control
  • Realtime implements for daily management

LeanwareWMS in factory in-house logistics

LeanwareWMS is suited for the total management of factory in-house logistics; material warehouse, production phase and end product in-house logistics. LeanwareWMS can be implemented in phases at the factory and is easily connected to the ERP and production system already in use. The WMS can also easily be connected to automation, such as vertical lift systems and ACVs.


LeanwareWMS has been tightly integrated into the LeanwareMES system, and their cooperation allows you to maximize your productivity. Cooperation enables the use of different types of system-controlled processes side by side, seamless flow of information between production and logistics when a product or component is finished as well as efficient handling of fault orders and management of work in progress (WIP).

LeanwareWMS and LeanwareSCM complete each other. WMS improves inventory balance accuracy and more efficient operations. SCM sees to a sensible product policy and stock levels. Good purchasing control in supply chain management makes warehouse logistics more efficient. A smoothly running warehouse makes supply chain management easier. The whole is more than the sum of its components.

Delivery models

All of our systems are available as flexible SaaS solutions or as on-premise installations on your own server.

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How is efficiency measured?

One method of measuring the efficiency of warehouses is the total efficiency formula. The formula is simple: the delivered rows are divided by the time used on warehouse work.

The total efficiency increase generates the majority of the savings for the warehouse.

Using the results of 250 warehouse analyses and over 30 delivered WMS solutions, we have been able to calculate that the total efficiency of a warehouse managed by ERP is approximately 6 rows/person/hour. Using WMS, the efficiency can be multiplied.

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