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3. September 2021

Integration news: Leanware + Frends

New partner on board: Leanware starts OEM partnership with Frends iPaaS to ensure the continuous digitalization of supply-chain and logistics lifecycle management with integrations. Leanware Oy… Read more
25. August 2021

On competitiveness: SaaS solutions cut up to half the one-time cost of software

Leanware is a domestic software house offering production, supply chain and internal logistics systems, which encourages its customers to make even greater use of software… Read more
11. May 2021

Ultra-fresh food requires ultra-efficient logistics

Leanware will implement the logistics center’s control for Fresh Servant Oy’s factory expansion. Fresh Servant Oy’s factory extension doubles the factory’s floor area and increases… Read more
30. April 2021

Airam receives Leanware’s Top Performance Warehouse recognition – The warehouse is being managed with information and functional tools that support continuous development

Airam has been developing their warehouse operations in co-operation with Leanware since 2017. During this period, the warehouse has been transformed into a modern logistics… Read more
17. November 2020

18.11.2020 600minutes Procurement, Production and Supply Chain

Leanware is one of the partners in the virtual event “18.11.2020 600minutes Procurement, Production and Supply Chain” by Management Events…. Read more
1. September 2020

Press release: Leanware to strengthen supply chain competence through Logisticar acquisition

PR Logisticar Oy, specialised in increasing the effectiveness of supply chain management and in training and software solutions, will seek growth and continuity in its… Read more


LeanwareSCM up and running in 24 hours

You should reserve plenty of time, maybe months, to launch new software. Sound familiar? Usually the most time-consuming part of launching a new system is to integrate it with existing software. The integration stage can take weeks or even months. Read more

Warehouse is a warehouse

At worst, a warehouse is just that and nothing else – and its significance as… Read more

Production digitalization systems

Do you like three-letter acronyms such as ERP, PLM, PDM, APS, MES, WMS or OPC? If you have already dealt with issues and questions related to digitalization of production before, you will probably be familiar with at least some of the abbreviations listed above. Read more