Be part of the community

The idea behind our community is the sharing of information. You need to put the abundance of information somewhere, so why not at the disposal of operators in the business.

Our community is a versatile place, where all operators in the business can be found. We coach, publish informative webinars and organize interesting events, share our views in our blogs and comment on megatrends.


Do you want to be efficient, intelligent and with the times? In this case, the Leanware community can help.

Our community consists of experts in their fields. We produce and develop Leanware’s services and products together with our customers and the top experts in their fields. This way we can guarantee that our product is exactly what our customers currently need.

We don’t work alone. For example, the Top Performance Warehouse club offers a place to have discussions with other professionals in the business, who are using the same systems and often also have the same challenges. In the club, you can openly share experiences about e.g., possible investments and new technologies.