Welcome to your journey towards a digital production and supply chain

There is no need to be scared of digitalization. It is a welcomed step to a world of efficiency and possibilities, where operations are finally transparent. You can easily manage by data, receive the best operation models for production management and you are able to optimize resources efficiently.

We digitalize the production and supply chain of our customers

Leanware’s Digital Factory contains solutions for digitalizing the entire manufacturing chain, unlike many other suppliers on the market, who only have solutions for parts of the processes. The concept aims at management by data and for the Industry 4.0 goal. Digitally controlled factories will receive enormous competitive benefits due to superior feasibility and second-to-none capabilities for responding to ever-increasing customer requirements.

Digital Factory describes how the supply chain is digitalized from start to finish. It improves industrial production by using digital tools and products, which support management by data. The analytics provide you with ample data, which you can use to support your business.

Digital Factory benefits

Increase in productivity

  • Increased work efficiency
  • Increase in efficient work time
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Decrease in unfinished work and warehouse value

100% transparency

  • Full transparency on one dashboard
  • Realtime production visibility
  • KPI metrics and analytics tools

Traceability and quality

  • Work instructions and notifications
  • High-quality release into production
  • Balance accuracy 99%
  • Picking precision 99%

Who is Digital Factory aimed at?

Digital Factory is especially intended for production facilities and branches of industry, whether assembling or manufacturing. The Digital Factory concept is suitable for all manufacturing businesses regardless of branch or size.

Production solutions

  • LeanwareMES
  • Final load planning APS
  • Machine and equipment data ADC

Daily management solutions

  • Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • WMS Widgets

We can double productivity

Based on research, the digitalization of production directly affects the profitability of a business. Digital Factory allows you to improve productivity, transparency and quality.

Steps towards a Digital Factory

We begin with a Prestudy in which we review e.g., the efficiency of production’s in-house logistics, total efficiency and picking strategies. We use conceptualized models for our Prestudies and we compare the results to our extensive customer data and the best practices of the business. This way we can find the challenges based on data and the most important development points.


Prestudy with a Leanware expert

Our Prestudy provides a solid base and direction for your development project. The purpose of the Prestudy is to map out your needs and the current situation and find the ideal operation models based on data analysis and the views of our experts.

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System implementation

  • SaaS
  • Installed in accordance with your needs
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Staff training

  • Easy implementation ensures success

Continuous development

  • The community of the Top Performance Warehouse club develops products
  • Additional training
  • Coaching
  • Professional Services

Toward Digital Factory

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