Digital Factory

The digitalization of production towards the Industry 4.0 vision is underway and investments are constantly increasing at dramatic rates

Industry 4.0 visions have become embedded in enhancing the efficiency of industrial production. Digitally directed plants will receive enormous competitive benefits due to superior feasibility and second-to-none capabilities for responding to ever-increasing customer requirements. Significant plant renewals have been initiated in Europe and Finland, and construction of innovative digital factories has already commenced.

Why are Industry 4.0 investments increasing?

Because it is must for the company to remain competitive. Company profits can be raised through production digitalization. According to the Digital Factories 2020 research conducted by PWC, 98% of manufacturing industries expect digitalization to achieve up to 12% growth in efficiency and productivity.

Image sources: “Digital factories 2020 – shaping the future of manufacturing” PWC Global’s website . January 8th, 2019

Core benefits identified in Industry 4.0 production

  • Shorter throughput times
  • Vastly improved capital expenditure
  • Lower quality costs
  • Flexible and agile manufacturing
  • Real-time visibility of production and supply chain
  • Versatile utilization of automation

Industry 4.0 seeks to achieve holistic improvement and management of the product’s lifecycle, from product development to the customer and from customer to product development.

Aiming towards efficient production, but where to start?

Good concepts and maturity tests can be found to help for taking concrete steps towards digital production. Concepts provide excellent frames of reference for implementing digital transformation. According to the Singapore Smart Industry readiness index, a company’s capability to transform into digital production can be reviewed from the perspectives of processes, technologies and the organization in 16 different dimensions.

The special areas of expertise of Leanware are highlighted in yellow in the image. Image source: “Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index” EDP Singapore’s website. January 8th, 2019

Leanware is a highly experienced partner in process development and digitalization

Our experience demonstrates that the biggest mistake made in digitalizing production is when existing processes are made digital. A second-rate process will still be a second-rate process, even if it’s digital. Indeed, the special expertise of Leanware is formulating new, more effective, system-operated processes for its customers. Our vision is to make Finnish companies the world’s most competitive businesses. We implement our vision by consulting with our customers to attain superior processes and digital operation.

An acid test for digital production processes can be achieved by answering the following questions:

  • What is the productive work time for manufacturing?
  • How can we react to production changes?
  • Does production have nearly real-time transparency?
  • Are processes guided on the hourly or minute level?
  • How much time is spent handling parts and components?
  • What is the overall effectiveness of internal logistics?
  • Is production data utilized for constant improvements?

Our customers have commenced the digitalization of production using consultative collaboration. We conduct system-independent process consultations into production guidance, manufacturing guidance, guidance of material flows and warehouse management. We also provide consultation for the architecture and role of systems employed in production. Architecture consultations are firmly based on the international ISA-95 standard.

Our customers’ production operates effectively and to a high standard. Our MES and WMS systems lifecycle services facilitate continuous improvement. Leanware personnel has the leading knowledge of process, software and project expertise in the industry.

Join us on the journey towards digital production. Contact us and find out how we can assist you.

Video showcase of Industry 4.0