LeanwareMES – a visual and guiding manufacturing execution system

When you want to reach everyone at the same time – choose LeanwareMES as your manufacturing execution system MES makes work easier as information and directions flow without obstacles from operative management right to production automation.

“The production development measures aim at increasing the productivity of the assembly process by 10 to 30%.”

– Juha Linnusmäki, Production Development Manager, Avant Tecno Oy

“We achieved the set goals working with Leanware. We were able to simplify the manufacturing process and increase efficiency, in addition to ensuring manufacturing quality also to the benefit of our customers. We have stayed on schedule and within budget. Leanware is a capable, flexible and agile partner.”

– Riku Niemi, Purchasing Director, Neles Oyj

“LeanwareMES as a local tool helps both installers and management in daily tasks. The real-time entry of exceptions reduces the need to rely on memory. Up-to-date information also shortens the learning curve, allowing an installer to move from one work station to another quicker than before.”

– Toni Salovuori, Production Manager, Metso Outotec Finland Oy

“Thanks to the development project, our delivery times have halved, our buffer capacity has increased and staff was freed up for switch production. Also production prediction, flexibility and quality have increased significantly.”

– Jyrki Hangasmaa, Production Line Manager, ABB

MES makes information and work flow

A manufacturing execution system or MES is intended for the management and tracing of the operative functions in production. MES transmits information between various systems and production automation. MES is the missing piece between ERP and production. The system gathers all of the production information onto one interface without losing any.

What benefits does the LeanwareMES have?

  • Shorter lead time
  • Fewer repairs
  • Fewer systems required for production
  • More efficient quality control (Poka Yoke)
  • Shorter work introduction time
  • Work standardization and repeatability become easier (Poka Yoke)

LeanwareMES makes work smoother

LeanwareMES operates on a browser-based user interface and can be accessed on many terminals without work station limitations. In addition to staff, the LeanwareMES manages automation and material flows, decreasing unnecessary loss.


  • Production orders for end products, semi-finished products and sub-assemblies
  • Work queues
  • Work phases and tasks
  • Sign-off of finished product amounts (including faulty)
  • Work instructions

Quality and traceability

  • Deviations, disruptions and repairs
  • Quality checks and acceptance limits
  • Serial and batch numbers
  • Production sign-offs
  • Traceability / manufacturing history report


  • Picking requests (also pull production)
  • Warehousing requests for finished products
  • Use of materials in manufacturing

Dashboard and daily management

  • Production key figures (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Realtime production situation visualization


  • ERP integrations (production orders)
  • Machine and tool integrations

Forget information chaos – one user interface is enough to get the message across.

The LeanwareMES system user interface displays real-time and necessary information in the right place. When instructions and information are where they should be, the learning curve becomes shorter, mistakes become fewer and work is completed when it should be. Work flows smoothly!

MES differs from a traditional production management system in that it only shows the worker the information they need for the task at hand; a production worker only needs to follow one view. LeanwareMES directs and assists the production worker at the work station, so there is no need to leave the station. This increases work quality and efficiency.

Example: the worker detects an error and logs it into MES, the information instantly reaches the right people who can react quickly to the situation.

Realtime planning minute-by-minute enables visualization

All manufacturing activities are acknowledged in MES minute-by-minute, which allows accurate visualization of the production status. This enables quick reaction times and 100% traceability. The traceability information is usable anywhere and anytime.

When enough information has been gathered through MES, production problems can also be analyzed and prevented. Continuous improvement means that problems in the chain are dealt with immediately and won’t hang around and cause problems.

Say goodbye to loss: The right information and materials are at the right place at the right time

In addition to staff, the LeanwareMES manages automation and material flows, decreasing unnecessary waste. Using MES allows production workers to focus on their actual work instead of wandering about the factory looking for materials.

A production order is released from the ERP system to the MES, where it is broken down to tasks for each work phase and the materials to be consumed. LeanwareMES knows where unfinished and intermediate goods are located and lets production flow smoothly.

In the cloud or on the server

All of our systems are available as flexible SaaS solutions or as on-premise installations on your own server.

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