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Would you outsource your heart?

”Varasto on tehtaan sydän, joka pumppaa verta tehtaan suoniin eli tuotannon soluihin” kertoo Ponsse Oyj:n toimitusjohtaja Juho Nummela. Read more

In 2020, your warehouse enables your growth

Jos huomaat perustekemisen pyörivän yhä useammin sen analysoinnin tai korjaamisen ympärillä, on varmasti hyvä pysähtyä miettimään, voisiko kierteestä päästä irti jollain tavalla. Read more

What makes artificial intelligence interesting for production and logistics?

Tehokkuus on jo pitkään kiinnostanut tuotantoa, ja viime vuosina on myös tuotannon logistiikka kiinnostunut yhä enemmän työn tuottavuudesta. Read more

Can you beat Amazon in storage efficiency?

What could you find out about the cost efficiency of Amazon’s logistics? By the way, Amazon’s pricing is insanely transparent. It is a good resource for benchmarking. Read more

Pioneering examples

Tightening global competition means that like digital skills play an ever-increasing role in logistics. How does one become one of the success stories? Read more

Investing in the future of in-house logistics competence

This past fall, Leanware embarked on a three-part lecture tour to visit schools that provide education in in-house logistics. Read more

Bold investments create opportunities

Finnish port operations are constantly developing. Some examples of this include large-scale investments in the… Read more

Boosting in-house logistics through gamification

Today’s warehouses face four key challenges: an increase in the quantity and selection of products,… Read more

Are you an obstacle for digitalization?

Finland has fallen behind Germany and Sweden in the development of digitalization and automation. Several… Read more

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    Integration news: Leanware + Frends

    New partner on board: Leanware starts OEM partnership with Frends iPaaS to ensure the continuous… Read more

    Press release: Leanware to strengthen supply chain competence through Logisticar acquisition

    PR Logisticar Oy, specialised in increasing the effectiveness of supply chain management and in training… Read more

    Ilkka Muilu appointed to lead Leanware’s growth in industry business

    MSE Ilkka Muilu has been appointed as the Business Director of Leanware Oy’s services from… Read more