Ultra-fresh food requires ultra-efficient logistics

Leanware will implement the logistics center’s control for Fresh Servant Oy’s factory expansion. Fresh Servant Oy’s factory extension doubles the factory’s floor area and increases delivery capacity to one million ultra-fresh doses per week. The total value of the investment is 25 million euros. Staggering volumes, growing quantity of products and freshness place high demands on the factory’s internal logistics.

“The revolution in food is driven by ultra-freshness, quality, ease and wide range of products. And this is why we are investing in the most modern logistics center in Finland and the Nordic countries. There we can combine artisanship, automation and digitalization in the best possible way,” says Sami Haapasalmi, Chief Executive Officer of Fresh Servant.

“Our business is evolving and growing all the time. Change is the only certainty for us. We are preparing ourselves for robotic collection, automatic pallet-filling and use of automatic forklifts, among other things. Therefore we want to keep development of the warehouse system close by and separate from the automation supplier. Leanware has proven themselves to be an excellent and service-minded partner for complex systems. People at Leanware have helped us to solve bottlenecks caused by rapid growth on several occasions. We have taken the most out of old automation systems. We do believe that the same excellent co-operation will continue with the new expansion,” says Daniel Asplund, Director of Logistics and Technical Solutions of Fresh Servant.

Ville Keskinen, Chief Executive Officer of Leanware Oy: “It is a great pleasure to be part of an investment creating 200 new jobs. Fresh Servant’s investment clearly highlights trends that play a role in logistics: growing number of titles, ultra-freshness and demand for quality. You do need a fast and cost-effective flow of goods spanning from the factory to the grocery store and finally to your customer’s plate. Also, efficient and responsible logistics reduce food loss and carbon footprint.”

Warehouse automation for the factory extension is supplied by SSI Schäfer. The main warehouse consists of a shuttle system and related robot collection and flow rack collection system together with automatic pallet-filling. The current miniload warehouse with its collecting systems will be integrated as a seamless component in the new total solution. High-volume products are collected from a new system, and after this small-volume products are collected from miniload warehouse in the same boxes. Leanware is responsible for this integration.

Fresh Servant’s information release:

Further information:

  • Fresh Servant: Chief Executive Officer Sami Haapasalmi +358 (0)447812430 and Logistics and Technical Director Daniel Asplund +358 (0)44 7812485
  • Leanware Oy: Chief Executive Officer Ville Keskinen +358 (0)50 5936587 and Business Director Ilkka Muilu +358 (0)40 5827692

Leanware Oy is an expert and software house specializing in developing competitiveness. We streamline our customers’ operations by making processes lean and by delivering intelligent software solutions that control operational side of business. More than 200 customers of ours utilize our software to digitalize production, supply chain and in-house logistics, as well as for data analysis and data management. Leanware employs over 100 experts, and will reach net sales of 12 million euros in 2021.

LeanwareWMS is the most widely used warehouse management system in Finland to control both manually run and highly automated warehouses. A significant proportion of Finland’s automated warehouses are controlled by LeanwareWMS. https://leanware.fi/en/products/factory-warehouse-management-system-wms/

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