Systems for managing harbor operations

Digital Harbour ensures the continuous development of harbor processes and benefit from harbor systems. Leanware’s system services directed at harbor operators help you manage operations easily.

Let information flow

In harbor operations, information must flow at the same time as materials, and this places demands on the information system partner, the harbor operator’s own IT and the entire supply chain.

Digital Harbour meets the increasing demands of business so you can easily reap the benefits. There are no more Excel spreadsheets or papers alongside the system preventing efficiency and development.

Who is Digital Harbour aimed at?

Digital Harbour is a complete solution for harbor operations that supports office tasks as well as all other harbor operations. The users are the operators, work supervisors and managers.

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Improve your efficiency with integrated systems

Digital Harbour enables the use of efficient digital operations in a harbor environment and smooth communication with clients through electronic interfaces. The system can be integrated into machines and equipment thus making the total process much smoother.

All documentation is delivered in a handy electronic format so you can easily handle data and save it for future reference. Management by data is made easier as you can make decision based on actual data. The right information is also at the use of the right stakeholders – transparently.

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How to get Digital Harbour

We always start our cooperation with a high-quality Prestudy, in which we map out your current situation and needs. Our experts use highly developed models for our Prestudies and compare the results to our extensive customer data and the best practices of the business. We ensure a successful project which results in seamless digital harbor operations.



Our expert will cooperatively review the current situation, operational models and tools as well as map out your goals and needs.



Based on data and experience, we define which solutions are needed for achieving your goals. To enable efficient operational models, digital solutions are often also required.



The solution is solidified through the achieved benefits and is built using modern technologies. The solution takes into account the customer’s user environment, e.g., when it comes to integrations.


System implementation

Preparation is pivotal to a successful implementation. Correct documentation, structured user training, testing and an individualized implementation plan are key. It is sometimes sensible to implement in phases. With Leanware’s experience and concept, implementations are always smooth.


Continuous development

We are more than a supplier – we are a development partner for our customer. We understand smooth everyday operations and are familiar even with large development projects. Our ready-made service concepts support smooth cooperation.

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