Digital Works – Customer-specific service

There isn’t always a finished solution available, or the finished one is not good enough. We serve our customers when skilled and visionary software expertise is needed. Our versatile Digital Works services include software development, architecture design, project management and continuous customer system services

“The students have been very satisfied with the new Alva system and have praised it as easy-to-use and well executed. From the university’s point of view, on the other hand, it is excellent that Alva serves the needs of the teachers well. The system can also be used in other units as needed and it also takes accessibility well into account.”

– Sanna Juntunen, Expert, University of Tampere

Ahead of the competition

We will help you create purpose-oriented digital solutions to gain a competitive edge. We are highly experienced in identifying opportunities for streamlining or automation. We will work with you to further develop your operations and the solution, ensuring that you will be able to retain your competitive advantage.

We provide support in selecting the most suitable technologies and work with you to design effective solutions. Our seamless service models clarify even the most complex issues and help to keep our cooperation effortless and effective. We understand code, but we also understand people, which is the key to achieving a successful implementation.

Our services

As an expert in digitalization, we can help you choose the right tools from our offering. We will act as your partner from the design phase to project management and software development, and tailor everything to your specific needs.

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Software development

Fresh technologies, strong expertise and smooth partnership.


It’s all about the whole. We integrate systems and devices with more than 20 years of experience.

Cloud platforms

Agile cost-efficiency and scalability.

Web development

Modern flexibility regardless of terminal

Upkeep and monitoring

The system stays fresh and fast with planned upkeep and lifespan management. New features are installed as needs change.


In order to make decisions that are based on a correct assessment of the current situation and the right trends, the information must be easy to interpret. We will make the information available to you.


A system can be built in many ways. We can help design and choose a high-quality architecture model based on reason.

Project management

The experience gained from hundreds of projects can be seen and felt. We know the pitfalls and can guide our customers past them. We succeed when the customer succeeds.

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Services to fit your needs

If you always do the same things the same way, you will always get the same results. To gain a competitive edge, you must do something even better than everyone else. Our Digital Works services provide a great opportunity to do just that.

“Better” does not mean “more difficult”, but instead “easier”: with high-quality, effective operations, the work you do will be more meaningful and clear-cut. Modern, seamless solutions also directly affect the customer experience.

With real-time information and illustrative indicators, you can control your daily operations in an agile manner. We will create dedicated digital views for long-term development activities and monitoring the trends in key figures. These features offer management valuable support in their daily tasks.

We will also help you map out your current situation and to create a plan to achieve your goals.

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