Co-operation and interaction as keys to a successful software solution

Leanware designed and implemented a high-quality and easy-to-use tool for managing real estate portfolios for Hyyra, which provides services for landlords. Hyyra, start-up company based in Tampere Finland, utilized Leanware’s Digital Works service, which was used to create a customized, web-based software solution for the customer’s needs.

Hyyra, founded in 2020, is still a new player in the field, but the company’s board of directors has decades of experience in business, software production and real estate sector. In addition to Leanware, Hyyra also chose another software provider, InSolution, to develop its solution for lifecycle management of residential housing investments. Representatives for the three companies worked as one team towards the same goal.

According to Aleksi Korkea-aho, Account Manager at Leanware, selecting parallel suppliers for projects is a growing trend that has gained momentum as customers invest in digital services during the coronavirus pandemic. This ensures adequate resources with fast schedule.

“In projects like this, it doesn’t really matter which company’s name your colleague’s email address ends with. What is important instead, is the quality and smoothness of co-operation: an inclusive way of doing things and complete trust between the customer and suppliers,” he tells.

Agile design the way the customer wants

Irene Lamberg, Hyyra’s Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of the company, is an investor in residential housing. She has studied industrial engineering and information management among other things, and she understands the needs of her clients and industry processes from personal experience. In this project, she especially praises the agility of co-operation, solution-orientation and open interaction.

“We defined very clearly what the end user of the system should be able to do and what our most critical goals were. Co-operation got off to a fast start, as the team was very independent and discussions were fruitful. People dared to ask and question things on both sides,” she says.

Leanware involved three experienced experts in the project: an architect and two application developers. The main responsibility for the project was with the customer, and the progress of work was monitored through regular joint surveys. Hyyra’s entire organization participated in daily work.

“We at Leanware focused on architectural design and software development. We listened to the customer’s wishes with sensitive ears and created the most hick-up-free and most easy-to-use tool possible to enhance work for real estate investors. In practice, this tool automates various tasks that many of us are used to doing manually,” Korkea-aho sums up.

Development work goes on

The first version of the solution was completed in about a year, but there is no end in sight yet. Hyyra offers their tool to private and corporate customers. Based on received feedback, the tool lives on and gets refined.

“Now we are moving forward by putting customer in focus. We are developing the user interface and adding new functionalities based on what the field wants from the solution,” Lamberg says.

Leanware is eager to ensure that the tool meets Hyyra’s and their end customers’ needs in the future as well.