Losses eliminated using manufacturing execution system

Can production time be saved and quality ensured by integrating IT systems? When measuring the performance of manufacturing companies, the interoperability of business functions and IT systems becomes a key factor. LeanwareMES helped Neles to assume control of losses and improve delivery quality.

Neles (previous Metso Flow Control) is a global leader in the flow control technologies. The company’s installers work in Vantaa in two shifts at approximately 30 different assembly stations. Each installer used to have a dozen or so different types of software applications to manage. The computer desktop was confusing and installers would waste time going from one application to another.

Neles sought to resolve this problem with the help of Leanware. Leanware was selected due to its extensive experience and the convincing assessment performed by the company.

“Leanware was convincing, due to its excellent customer references. We also received good feedback on their solutions from all over the world”, says Riku Niemi, Purchasing Director at Neles.

Neat desktop and gone with the errors in manufacturing

The project was executed using agile methodologies. The project had two clear goals: reduce assembly time and eliminate errors in manufacturing. A work time study was conducted to identify the working minutes used before and after the adoption of LeanwareMES.

After the refresh, the LeanwareMES user interface included a dozen or so different IT systems in a single operating system. This also cut several minutes from manufacturing times, eliminated assembly errors and provided clarity to the installers.

“We finally got a change that eliminated difficulties from ground-level work. The desktop view is considerably cleaner and the time spent opening different software was eliminated”, Riku Niemi summarizes the feedback from personnel.

Project Manager Ville Lääperi was also satisfied with the cooperation. “The activities were flexible from the start, where the resources from both parties were up to date and available. Establishing the changes to processes seemed easy and swift! Everything was executed in a manner that demonstrated the true desire to create an efficient process to meet the needs of our factory and Metso.”

Mikko Kattilakoski, Product Owner at Leanware, expressed gratitude to the project core team at Neles for actively involving employees and collecting continuous feedback from production. The feedback was quickly applied in the system either by system configurations or by adding new functionalities.

“We achieved the set goals working with Leanware. We were able to simplify the manufacturing process and increase efficiency, in addition to ensuring manufacturing quality also to the benefit of our customers”, says Riku Niemi. “We have stayed on schedule and within budget. Leanware is a capable, flexible and agile partner.”