Prestudy helps recognize the developmental potential of a warehouse

During the last few years, Airam’s business and the number of delivery rows on orders has increased significantly. Due to the growth, outside help was requested for the evaluation of warehouse developmental potential with regard to both the process and figures. Airam was also aware that the current warehouse management system would not necessarily serve the changed and continually changing needs of warehousing and customers. Leanware’s warehouse efficiency Prestudy was chosen as the tool to tackle these challenges.

The recognition of development points and cost saving potential for the estimation of the payback of the future system investment was seen as an especially important part of the prestudy. Also a market leader’s opinion of the operation in relation to best practices was sought. As part of the Prestudy, the order-delivery data of the customer was also reviewed, which provided valuable information for the planning of the operation’s development points and e.g. for product placement.

As a result, the customer received a summary of the data analysis as well as a recommendation for development measures and their savings potential for every warehouse operation. Additionally, an investment payback calculation was done to support the customer’s decision making process.

“Cooperation with the customer went very well. The customer had actively invested in the development of warehousing within the limitations of the current system and the operation was also otherwise development-oriented. Some of the most central challenges of warehousing had already been recognized and the development suggestions presented in the prestudy were received openly.” Consultant Petteri Rekimies | Leanware Oy

“The Prestudy was finished very efficiently and the cooperation with the consultant Petteri Rekimies was smooth right from the beginning. Thanks to the Prestudy’s results, we were able to recognize the central development points of our warehousing as well as their cost savings potential. Additionally, we received good tips for how to develop our warehouse operations even before making warehouse management system investment.

Leanware’s strong references in our business, the satisfied customers and a relaxed, good drive convinced us. Additionally, we felt that the customer benchmark based both on Leanware’s system customers as well as the experience of  more than 150 warehouse analyses was extremely important.” Logistics Manager Anna Gustafsson | Airam Electric Oy Ab

AIRAM ELECTRIC OY AB is a private, successful Finnish business, traditionally well known for its comprehensive and broad lamp selection. Airam’s product range includes luminaires, lights, electrical supplies, decorative lights and leisure products.