Faster planning, easier monitoring

Company and challenge

Finelcomp Oy, founded in 1988, is a company that produces solutions for the casing and fastening mechanics needs of electricity distribution and telecommunications equipment. The company enables the success of their customers by manufacturing high-quality, safe and easily mountable casing solutions for them. Comprehensive services include design, delivery and after marketing.

The goal of the company is to improve customer service and to increase warehouse management efficiency. The continuous growth of the company created a need for improving operative planning and control. The desire was for a more transparent, automated and predictable planning. The manual updating of control values and restocking needs was seen as difficult.

“What a quick and easy way of getting to the core of problems.”
Jukka Aimasmäki, Sales and Marketing Director, Finelcomp Oy


It was Finelcomp’s goal to create a transparent, flexible and predictive control model and the tools to support it for planning, predicting and monitoring sales, production and purchasing. The solution should increase reliability, decrease overstocking and improve transparency. The solution should automate calculations to decrease manual work. It was known that just reporting history would not be enough for the needs of operative planning and control. The company chose to use Leansware Supply Chain Management (LeanwareSCM) that was connected to Digia’s Enterprise system.


Faster reactions, better transparency and delivery reliability monitoring

The solution has improved transparency. It has, for example, enabled a more real-time delivery reliability monitoring and provided a quick and easy way of getting to the core of problems. The solution helps users react to changing situations more quickly than before.

Easier monitoring of ordering behavior and product profitability

Monitoring customer-specific ordering behavior, order intake and seasonal fluctuations is easier than before. This information is used, for example, for predicting sales, MRP and capacity planning.

Information immediately available for production development measures

The solution can be used for quickly managing problems using easily editable reports. Smooth production reporting has enabled the implementation of development measures based on data that is more readily available.

Stock value -15%

Stock turnover monitoring has become lighter without the traditional Excel-based ABC analyses. Automatic stock monitoring ensures that stock is developing in the right direction and won’t slip into the wrong direction.


The solution was delivered to Finelcomp in stages.

“The first stage of delivery included the most needed solution, i.e. production and sales monitoring. The experts at Leanware delivered everything as agreed and on schedule. The implementation training took one day. The training covered the functionality of basic features and reporting. Training was good and comprehensive and we didn’t have anything to add to it,” says Kyllönen.

“Excellent program with everything we need.”
Eero Kyllönen, Quality Manager, Finelcomp Oy

Help for sales and production control

It is Finelcomp’s goal to meet the deadlines that have been agreed with the customer.

“The prerequisite is that we understand the possibilities and don’t give the customer wrong estimates of the delivery times. We keep our promise to the customer. It is a continuous learning curve. LeanwareSCM helps with this and offers support. All the information is in the same place. We know the situation, what the possibilities are and what we can promise the customer. LeanwareSCM enables us to even out sales and production,” says Kyllönen.

Use of program increases, more than 200 logins per month

Finelcomp has appreciated the flexibility of the solution for user-specific needs.

“The great thing about LeanwareSCM is that the reports can be edited. We know exactly what we want to measure. On the other hand, all the options create a risk. The user may be overwhelmed by the overflow of information and too many indicators,” summarizes Kyllönen.

The use of the program has increased steadily all the time. At this moment, there are more than 200 logins to the program per month at Finelcomp.

“The program can be used to flexibly search for information anywhere. It’s a good thing that works for us. All information is a plus. “Excellent program with everything we need,” says Kyllönen.

Help for planning sales and capacity, stock value -15%

Sales and Marketing Director Jukka Aimasmäki says that the LeanwareSCM solution has created a quick and easy way of getting to the core of problems.

“Information about every area is easily available in the same place and cooperation is more transparent and agile. The analysis of ordering behavior has become faster. Order intakes and seasonal fluctuations are used for predicting sales and planning capacity. Stock monitoring is currently great. It is  far easier now than with the previously used Excel-based ABC analyses. Stock value has dropped by 15% using LeanwareSCM, and it is used to ensure that the stock is going in the right direction and doesn’t slip into the wrong direction.”