Earned trust

Along our journey, we have helped more than 200 satisfied customers to digitalize and improve their operations. Read some of the inspiring stories in the customer testimonials below. Contact us, and together we can write your company’s story next!

From our customers

  • “The value of our warehouse decreased by several million euros.”
  • “Inventory turnover has sped up significantly.”
  • “The time used for making purchases has decreased from one hour to five minutes.”
  • “No time spent on annual inventories.”
  • “Lead time for orders has decreased to a few hours.”
  • “Lead times have halved.”
  • “Availability 77% → 99%.”
  • “Balance precision 99%.”
  • “Fill rate 85% → 99%.”
  • “Overall efficiency of logistics increased by 50%.”
  • “More efficient use of space and tidiness.”
  • “The operative costs of logistics have decreased by 25%.”
  • “The ability to analyze and develop logistics has improved significantly.”
  • “Daily management is transparent.”
  • “The warehouse is more pleasant and safer to work in.”
  • “The unnecessary feeling of urgency is gone.”
  • “Sick leaves have halved.”
  • “Once you start, you want to keep going. A strong foundation inspires enthusiasm for more improvements.”