Improvement of availability and service degree experienced by customer

“We feel that as a globally usable software, LeanwareSCM has standardized the methods of operative purchasing at both Ponsse and its subsidiaries. Availability has improved and the service degree experienced by the customer is better.”
Teija Pesonen, Development Engineer

Starting point

Before implementing LeanwareSCM, Ponsse planned its purchasing with the ERP’s help. A fairly large number of items to be purchased and a complex planning simulation option brought challenges to the operative purchasing process. Purchasing planning wasn’t standardized in all areas and the implementation of the ABC philosophy needed improvement.

Solution to problems

Implementation required defining the operational interface: what information should be transferred from the ERP to LeanwareSCM and what information should be returned from LeanwareSCM to the ERP system. After this, the staff was trained and the implementation was split into phases.

The result was an established way of planning purchasing for order point controlled items. Thanks to the reporting tools, information is provided efficiently, for example, on the items with slow turnover or items with a growing volume. A decrease in the costs of the global order-delivery process in relation to sales has been made possible. The numbers of the ordered products are now easier to manage in order to ensure product availability.

Customer introduction

Ponsse is the world’s leading forestry machinery manufacturer, with operations still guided by the needs and desires of its customers, the forestry machine operators. Products manufactured by Ponsse widely satisfy the numerous demands set by machine entrepreneurs all over the world seeking efficient harvesting means: The trees vary from pines to eucalyptus, the tech needs to withstand tropical heat as well as low arctic temperatures, the machine must not damage the terrain and must be able to climb the steepest hillsides.

Ponsse is specialized in the manufacture, sales, maintenance and information systems of short-logging-based forestry machines.