Results with warehouse management

Company and challenge

Pamark is a national wholesaler delivering company daily necessities, and has a selection of over 430 product groups and 5,500 product rows. Order and logistics operations are at the core of Pamark’s customer service: orders are delivered quickly and as agreed.

As the operation continuously grows by new customers and products, the timely and predictive calculation of stock values became a challenge. The manual work required for this took much of the working time of product management and purchasers.

“Our customers are satisfied, we are satisfied.”


Instead of hiring more work force, Pamark chose to use LeanwareSCM solution. The Microsoft technology based software automates order point, purchasing suggestion and stock balance calculation into Microsoft’s NAV system. At the same time, it offers a flexible and easy-to-use desktop for purchasing planning with ready reports and alarms.


The use of LeanwareSCM software has brought Pamark significant benefits and competitive advantages.

Higher delivery reliability

The availability of stock selection items was 94% at the beginning. Currently, the availability of stock selection items is at more than 98%.

Higher stock turnover

Stock turnover has risen from 9% at the beginning to close to 10%. Stock turnover has risen 0.7 units from the starting point (from 9.1 to 9.8).

Cost savings

Cost savings have been made using the program, as the backorders of low-turnover items have decreased and at the same time the share write-off of products of the entire stock has gone down.

Warehouse changes focus to the right products

The warehouse’s focus has shifted to products with turnover. At the moment, more than half of the stock selection items (more than 50%) circulate at more than 10 stock turnovers. At the beginning, the share of stock selection items with a circulation of more than 10 was 24%.

The results of the Expak solution have been monitored continuously, and the changes have been permanent.

Pamark chose Leanware as their partner

“Our warehouse has the right amount of products at the right time.”

Pamark’s growing business brought with it the challenge of calculating the warehouse values of a wholesaler. How to optimize order amounts and guarantee that the warehouse had the right amount of products at the right time? Instead of hiring more work force, Pamark chose to use LeanwareSCM solution.

Pamark’s and Leanware’s cooperation began in 2010, and the results have been excellent.

“Thanks to new and growing customerships, we came to a situation where the gut-based estimation of order amounts was no longer enough,” Pamark’s representative says. “We wanted a system that doesn’t only produce real-time information, but also predicts the future.”

After reviewing potential cooperative partners, Pamark was convinced by LeanwareSCM’s applicability, flexibility and ease of use.

Easy implementation and use

LeanwareSCM program is compatible with the majority of ERPs, and it was also installed without complications to Pamark’s Dynamics NAV system.

“LeanwareSCM program has been easy to use since the beginning,” Pamark’s representative says. “IT projects are sometimes challenging, but in this case, Leanware performed installation and implementation along with familiarization without problems.” “The fact that, although offered, no actual familiarization training was needed, is indicative of the ease of use. A half-hour familiarization was enough and the manuals are now gathering dust on the shelve.”

A satisfied customer – goals have been achieved

After the cooperation began, LeanwareSCM solution has been in use at Pamark on a daily basis and its effects on business have been exclusively positive. Cost savings were created when, instead of hiring more work force, Pamark acquired LeanwareSCM software, which has helped keep the warehouse stocked with the right amount of right products at the right time. All goals were met and Pamark feels that now their customers are satisfied too.