TOOLS brought real-time efficiency and daily work situation information for the use of the entire staff

TOOLS is the leading Nordic industrial product and component supplier. As the company’s sales began growing rapidly, not even an increase in staff resources would have been able to answer the need for expansion. There was a need to make operations more efficient. In 2016, the company decided to acquire the LeanwareWMS for improving efficiency and balance accuracy.

In addition to a WMS, the company also needed real-time monitoring of the warehouse’s efficiency and operations, which could be used as a tool by warehouse management. In the spring of 2017, LeanwareWMS Dashboard was selected for the task. LeanwareWMS Dashboard is compatible with the LeanwareWMS product range, and its integration and implementation as part of the WMS is smooth and easy. So LeanwareWMS Dashboard was implemented without problems, and TOOLS was able to quickly follow the efficiency figures of the warehouse in real time.

LeanwareWMS Dashboard is a web-based application that visualizes an overview of the most important figures of the warehouse in real time. It works on a variety of terminals, from large info displays in the warehouse right to tablets and mobiles used on the go. The Dashboard offers a view and a tool for both management and warehouse staff, enabling quick and reality-based decision making and resource management.

TOOLS uses LeanwareWMS Dashboard to display a real-time work situation and resourcing need on different work stations, which is used by management to move resources as needed. TOOLS uses daily goal indicators that help the company to quickly react to changes. The most important indicators for TOOLS are delivery reliability as well as received and dispatched rows, which guide daily operations and indicate warehouse quality. Additionally, the company closely monitors efficiency in all stages of the process.

“Thanks to LeanwareWMS Dashboard, we can show a real-time work situation and resourcing need at different work stations and are able to react to changes quickly.”
Semi Hurtta, Warehouse Manager | TOOLS Finland Oy

The LeanwareWMS Dashboard is available as an option for LeanwareWMS and includes all the standard indicators of the product. Examples of standard indicators are efficiency indicators for warehouse process operations and real-time situational information. We also customize indicators for the specific needs of our customers.