LeanwareWMS forges the future of e-commerce – the new logistics center of ALSO Dinland became the forerunner of e-commerce

The new logistics center of ALSO Finland, the biggest IT and consumer electronics wholesaler in Finland, was opened in Pirkkala in June. Thanks to ultramodern in-house logistics and a LeanwareWMS, smart phones and electronics find their way to customers in Finland more cost effectively than before.

“A modern building, innovative automation and fully digital warehouse process management enable not only same day deliveries, but also new additional services such as outsourcing warehouse space and logistics and full lifespan services for devices. Faster, more flexible and more cost-effective deliveries are a competitive advantage both for us and our clients,” says Logistics Development Manager Mikko Eronen.

The new logistics center was designed together from the beginning with Leanware, who have developed ALSOs logistics since 2012. The manual warehouse and Finland’s first Adapto Shuttle small item automaton is controlled by a third generation LeanwareWMS.

“ALSO’s renewed in-house logistics process is a significant opener for Finnish e-commerce. With its example, ALSO is showing the way for the development of the entire in-house logistics branch,” says Leanware’s CEO Janne Viinikkala.

From wholesaler to future marketplace

The need for development is urgent. The ‘where’ and ‘how’ of buying IT and consumer electronics is changing. Growing e-commerce is rapidly shattering the customer purchasing and delivery processes, decreasing the size of orders. At the same time, the number of orders and delivery points is growing exponentially.

“The traceability of the delivery chain and the monitoring of stock balances is down to seconds. As e-commerce keeps growing, logistics need to be super competitive, so that all customer groups can be served quickly while maintaining standards,” says Eronen.

According to Eronen, this fact has been taken into account in the design and execution of the logistics center as well as in the choice of the system supplier.

“Leanware is an agile and innovative partner, who has been easy to cooperate with in realizing the best possible solution from design to implementation,” says Eronen.

A well-functioning inner logistic enables ALSO to develop new service concepts. In the future, the company sees itself, not so much as a wholesaler, but as more of a marketplace offering retailers both devices as well as services.

“Our goal is to complement the selection of our retailers with things they do not have in their range. Along with the new logistics center, we are now, more than ever, a device and service department store, where a retailer can come to shop and acquire the things they do not have,” says Eronen.