Integration news: Leanware + Frends

New partner on board: Leanware starts OEM partnership with Frends iPaaS to ensure the continuous digitalization of supply-chain and logistics lifecycle management with integrations.

Leanware Oy is a manufacturing, supply-chain management and logistic consultancy and software company. The company offers consultancy and productized services: Leanware develops and offers own intelligent warehouse management system (LeanwareWMS), manufacturing execution and monitoring system (LeanwareMES) and supply chain management system (LeanwareSCM). The company has a wide spectrum of industry customers representing retail, manufacturing, food, industrial engineering, and wholesale.

With Frends iPaaS being now part of the Leanware’s solution delivery, Leanware will be able to faster deploy customer-facing integrations and digitalization projects requiring:

  • APIs,
  • high-level of system connectivity,
  • secure data exchange,
  • real-time stakeholder collaboration,
  • process transparency.

”Together with Leanware, we’re connecting intelligent warehouse management systems, supply chain management and manufacturing execution systems to other line-of-business systems and business partners. These seamless integrations enable full hyperautomation of processes. With the help from Frends, WMS, SCM and MES deployment projects will go smoothly as silk,” says Jukka Rautio, CEO at Frends.

Frends platform provides a visual interface to build, manage, and monitor integration and automation processes. The customers will gain the full visibility of their business processes, and flexibility to plug-in new APIs, data sources, and any internal and external systems to get a unified and holistic view of the whole supply-chain business logic within the Leanware interface.

More information:

Pekka Saarelainen, Chief Product Officer

Frends iPaaS:
Jukka Rautio – CEO, Frends

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