On competitiveness: SaaS solutions cut up to half the one-time cost of software

Leanware is a domestic software house offering production, supply chain and internal logistics systems, which encourages its customers to make even greater use of software implemented as cloud services, SaaS. As a SaaS service, professional solutions today are not only easier but also cheaper, which increases their user base in both small and large business markets.

Leanware offers flexible software services

For years, Leanware has been a solution partner for many well-known companies in production, logistics and warehousing issues, from Würth and Ponsse to Agco Power and Varusteleka. The company has been offering its customers SaaS solutions for years, but now their demand exceeds the demand for traditional software delivery. SaaS, Sofware as a Service, means a web application service where the customer pays for the application according to its use. As the SaaS model has become more widespread, it has become the primary desire of customers. Large one-time investments and taking care of data security, backups and server maintenance no longer attract companies.

For SMEs, SaaS services have been familiar, for example, in office applications, but the use of SaaS services in professional solutions for operational work management has only become more common in recent years.

“It is to the benefit of the development of the competitiveness of our entire country that companies are now able to develop their key core functions for growth at a very low cost, up to 30-50% lower than before,” says Mira Sohlman, Leanware’s Chief Development Officer.

Aiming for happy customers

“We have found that even larger companies are ready to move to take advantage of our SaaS solutions. Customization of software can already be avoided because it is more difficult and expensive to maintain. SaaS software, which has grown into a versatile solution, provides a very competitive alternative. SaaS software provides predictability in cost structures and often enough flexibility for business needs, Sohlman continues. ”

Leanware’s state-of-the-art SaaS services make the day-to-day work of its users easier. Supply chain management and inventory and production control systems can be used from the cloud as Leanware takes care of their maintenance as a service provider and guarantees the availability of services. The operation is data secure and continuous monitoring minimizes system downtime. The services will be available everywhere as long as the network connection works – and today it works well enough for most companies with even the most critical functions.

“Our customers are happy to be able to focus on their core business and leave application development and infrastructure maintenance to a trusted partner. The boost for their business comes from making their work more efficient with constantly evolving and updating smart software. In any case, they can influence the development of the software as members of our active user community, says Sohlman. ”

What is SaaS

Today, SaaS software covers the very diverse and demanding needs of production, supply chain and digital logistics in companies of all sizes. For smaller companies, the software acquired as a SaaS service enables robust capabilities at an affordable cost and enables the efficiency of operations needed for growth. Larger companies are downsizing their maintainable system jungles, for which SaaS services developed by a visionary partner guarantee not only extensive functionality but also sufficient flexibility.

Contact persons

Mira Sohlman
Chief Development Officer
040 844 4323

Leanware Oy is an expert and software house for developing competitiveness. We increase the efficiency of our customers’ operations by leaning down processes and delivering intelligent software solutions that guide operational operations. More than 200 of our customers utilize our software to digitize production, supply chain and internal logistics, as well as data analysis and data management. Leanware employs more than 100 experts and has a turnover of € 12M in 2021.

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