Leanware DNA

Leanware Oy is a manufacturing, supply chain management and logistic consultancy and software company. Expak Systems Oy and PR Logisticar Oy are part of Leanware Oy.

Did you know that loss is hidden in every business? It consumers company resources, which erodes competitive advantage and profitability. Losses are hard to see, as they are masters at hiding in familiar operational procedures. Losses consume efficiency and threaten the well-being of companies.We at Leanware are expert loss-handlers.

Our specialists who love solving problems are ruthless and persistent when tracking down losses and eliminating them.

Loss-trackers locate the hiding places in your company’s operational models and systems. We are able to analyze even complex business processes with extreme precision. We question operational models and are not afraid to propose new ones. We will not miss any losses.

We do not give up on reaching our customer’s goal: improving the operational efficiency of our customer. Our work quality is based on listening closely to our customers and professional pride.

Take action eliminating loss. We’ll help you.


The values all of us at Leanware have selected are evident in our daily work, decision-making, operational approach and how we serve our customers. Following our values in our work makes us a strong company and a desired employer.

#1 Well-being

Results and motivation start with feeling good. Keep your mind refreshed and your body agile. It is nice to come to work when you can be yourself and grow on the path you have selected.

#2 Professional pride

We are proud of what we do. Be proud of your accomplishments, question assumptions and do not be afraid to try new solutions. We aim high by doing the right things well.

#3 No tents

The real goal is accomplished on an open field. Get rid of the tents and see the bigger picture. Together we are and learn more than alone.

#4 Team effort

No man left behind. Listen, encourage and be genuinely present. We carry responsibility as a team and achieve our wins together.

#5 Be exposed

Trust generates trust. Be fair and openly show who you are and what you think. We value one another exactly the way we are.


Jukka Luoma
Pekka Saarelainen
Ilkka Muilu
Mira Sohlman
Elina Vartiainen