Leanware is a consultancy and software company that is an expert in developing competitiveness. We enhance the operations of our customers through lean process improvement and by delivering intelligent software solutions for operative management. More than 200 of our customers use our software for the digitalization of production, delivery chain and internal logistics as well as for data analysis and management by data.

Benefits of working with us as told by our customers:

  • Stock value decreased by 3 million euros and stock circulation sped up significantly at the same time.
  • The time used for making purchases has decreased from one hour to five minutes.
  • A real-time situational view makes daily management significantly easier.
  • Stock balance accuracy is at 99% or better.
  • Stock delivery reliability rose from 85% to 99%.
  • The operative costs of logistics have decreased by 25%.
  • Our ability to analyze and develop production and supply chain has improved significantly.
  • Material loss in production has decreased by 40%.
  • The warehouse is more comfortable and safer to work in.
  • Our staff is more satisfied and sick leaves have halved since the implementation of the WMS.

Key figures

Along the years we have analyzed, enhanced and improved the operation of hundreds of production facilities and warehouses. We do not give up on reaching our customer’s goal: improving productivity.

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Our vision

With smart processes, we are here to build the most competitive companies in the world.

​In close co-operation with our customers, we improve our expertise and implement increasingly intelligent digital processes. We learn through open-minded and innovative dialog and share our expertise further with our customers. Lean processes, top-notch expertise and seamless co-operation all contribute to competitiveness.

Our mission

We increase value of work by eliminating loss.

By creating clearly defined processes, we eliminate everyday loss and improve workflows. Unnecessary rush will be eliminated, and productivity of work improves. We can focus on meaningful work, develop and generate feelings of success. As the value of work increases, the company’s competitiveness also increases. Competitive companies need to invest in growth while taking care of their staff, customers and the environment.


Leanware has 3 MESA-certified people. MESA International (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) is an international expert and consultancy organization that trains and certifies industrial experts.

LeanwareWMS has been recognized as part of the European Fraunhofer Society WMS database. The database contains information about Europe’s most significant WMS suppliers and their products, which are all annually validated by the society. Additional information.

The Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics, LOGY, annually rewards exemplary companies for their innovations and operations for the development of businesses. In 2015, the association rewarded Leanware the title of Logistics Company of the Year for the work done for improving the competitiveness of their customers. Additional information.