Make purchasing and supply chain management more efficient

Leanware offers evolving systems for all kinds of purchasing and supply chain management needs. With 200 customers, we are the system market leader in Finland.

SCM, skilled staff and smooth processes help in improving delivery reliability, raising service level and sensible purchasing batches. Using SCM you can improve the central supply chain key figures, such as availability, stock value and stock circulation as well as the amount of work.

“The supplier KPI report has provided structure and professionalism for supplier management. It supports the sourcing manager when conversing with suppliers. Now there is no need to doubt whether the statistics are up-to-date or whether the Excel file is constructed correctly.”

– Simo Kangastupa, Sourcing Director, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe Oy

“Arriving rows decreased by 30% and level of service rose by about 5%. Using LeanwareSCM, the stores stock items that actually sell. We have been able to increase stock turnover and lower stock value.”

– Päivi Yli-Juuti, Chain Coordinator, Pentik Oy

“Do the right things and do them correctly. Results were seen already in a few weeks and the workload has been decreased by up to 40%. In addition we were able to improve stock values/turnover improved by 35%.”

– Esko Myllärinen, Wholesale Manager, Autokeskus Oy

“We feel that as a globally usable software, LeanwareSCM has standardized the methods of operative purchasing at both Ponsse and its subsidiaries. Availability has improved and the service degree experienced by the customer is better.”

– Teija Pesonen, Development Engineer, Ponsse Oyj

“LeanwareSCM has provided calculation routines, indicators and monitoring for daily management. These tools make the purchaser’s work easier, and the right spare part is at the right place at the right time.”

– Vesa Savela, Workshop and Spare parts Manager, VDL Bus & Coach Finland Oy

Operational model for purchasing and supply chain management

Supply chain efficiency has a pivotal role in the productivity of businesses. Many companies have taken digitalization to the next level by choosing Leanware to be the brain of the supply chain. This way they can fully utilize the masses of information stored in EPRs and thus improve their competitiveness. By using LeanwareSCM services, you can simultaneously ensure that there are enough raw materials and products available, that work efforts are focused on the correct matters and that capital is not wasted on over stocking.

Key indicators are improving

  • Availability will be increased to more than 98%
  • Inventory rotation improves and workloads decrease
  • Calculation time of inventory value shortens by 10 to 30%
  • Reduction in workload for low-cost items by 30 to 70%
  • Purchase price indices develop by 0.5 to 3%

SCM benefits

Better availability

Right items at the right time.

Faster delivery times for customers

Do not compete with price, but with delivery times.

Increase in customer satisfaction and sales

Always the right inventory and delivery reliability.

Correct stock levels

No over or under stocking

Less work

We decrease the amount of routine work.

Focus on the essentials

Clear tasks and priorities.

Forget feelings, lead with facts

A well-visualized supply chain will guide your operations in the right direction.

Clear analyzing and reporting

Clear processes and tools for analyzing and reporting.

Know what you stock

The system gives you data-based suggestions on when to keep products in stock.


Discover the new functions and user interface features of LeanwareSCM.

Displays only the required information. Default roles ensure data security and eliminate information clutter. The role-based system determines access, editing, and viewing rights for each user.

This way, it can also be used on mobile devices. Sharing relevant information with others is smooth and effortless. The product does not require a separate installation on your computer, and you will always have the latest version at your disposal.

You can define the main settings and, for example, item controls with a dedicated wizard. This will simplify and guide the implementation process, informing you of what you need to do at each stage.

Extensive data is visualized in an easily understandable format, enabling good supply chain management.

All information and comments are recorded in the system, eliminating clumsy silent knowledge and effectively digitalizing operations. Paper notes are a thing of the past, making it easier to introduce new employees to their work assignments.

Reporting enables real-time monitoring, even when using a mobile device. The reports are clear, compact, and easy to read. They bring transparency all the way from supplier summaries to the customer, allowing you to easily monitor the whole supply chain. The reporting suite has been designed based on the needs of more than 500 users, so its visual dimension, user interface, and functions are well thought out.

You can break bigger entities down into easily controllable parts with their own goals, metrics, and control models. The considered points or items can be divided into their own groups. Instead of the whole inventory, you can easily view just one product group, for example.

The day-to-day operation of purchasing and supply chain management is full of reactive actions: putting out fires, placing orders, and seeing which tasks you are already running late on. These matters require your constant attention, which can sometimes lead to important things being left undone. The to-do list will tell you what to do and when it is most sensible to do it.

First, you will set targets for interconnected metrics, such as inventory value, workload, or availability. After this, you can calculate which controls will help you reach your goals. This way, you can achieve great results. See our customer references for more information

LeanwareSCM brings a fact-based, clear process to control method management. The system gives you suggestions on when to keep products in stock.

Improve profits and cut costs

SCM is a unique solution for supply chain management, monitoring, transparency as well as reporting and analyzing. The product dynamically calculates control values while taking into account changes in consumption or predictions, creates clear processes and modes of operation for purchasing, supplier cooperation and stock management as well as product policy.

The organization must optimize the supply chain and increase stock circulation. This way it can be ensured that the right stock is in the right place at the right time, everywhere in the world. At the same time over stocking and running out of stock can be prevented. This improves cashflow and decreases costs.

Purchasing can be made simpler, stock smaller and availability better, but most of all, work can be made easier and motivation and customer satisfaction can be improved.

In the cloud or on the server

All of our systems are available as flexible SaaS solutions or as on-premise installations on your own server. Our systems are mobile device optimized and can be used on any terminal.

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