Press release: Leanware offsets commuting with Finnish carbon sink

Pictured: Leanware Oy CEO Ville Keskinen (on the right) and Atte Borgenström of Reforest Finland Oy.

Leanware, a pioneer of in-house inbound logistics and production management development, wants to be in the frontline of combating climate change. We offset the emissions caused by the commuting driving of the company’s sales persons and project personnel in 2019 by planting new forest in Pirkanmaa.

Reforest Finland Oy works in Finnish carbon offset and will plant a new forest in a wasteland located in Lempäälä for Leanware. The forest acting as a carbon sink will be planted in an old field in June and in 60 years the emissions will have become absorbed in the grown trees.

Leanware CEO Ville Keskinen: “We want to be a pioneer in responsibility matters and will in future invest more in the decreasing and offset of our carbon dioxide emissions. We operate in Finland and absolutely wanted to make the offset in Finland.”

In 2019, the total amount of Leanware driving was about 112,000 km. The total of the driving emissions was about 13.4 CO2 tons. In order to offset the emission caused, 60 trees will be planted to absorb carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere for the next 60 years.

In the calculation, the CO2 emissions amount of a passenger car was 120 g/km. The size of the carbon sink that the forest creates will be determined by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

“It’s great that more attention is paid to the carbon footprint than before, even in industries that cause less emissions, such as the IT industry. No forest would be born in the area independently, therefore the planting of trees and the afforesting is truly augmented, which sets the offset apart from other emissions compensation measures,” says Reforest Finland Oy CEO Atte Borgenström.

Reforest Finland Oy, who will realize the carbon sink, produces new, truly augmented carbon sinks in Finland by afforesting wastelands transparently and verifiably.

The process of the area being afforested from a wasteland to a growing forest can be followed with Reforest’s online application at the address Thanks to the new and unique web application, the offset is even more transparent and concrete than before.

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