Ilkka Muilu appointed to lead Leanware’s growth in industry business

MSE Ilkka Muilu has been appointed as the Business Director of Leanware Oy’s services from 1 April 2020 onwards. He will also act as a member of the management team. The annual revenue of the business area of industry is about half of Leanware Oy’s total revenue, which means it is almost five million euros. The recruiting of a new chief business officer began in December when Ville Keskinen transferred from the position to become the CEO of L

In industry, the delivery times become shorter and the batches become smaller. At the same time, the level of automation continues to rise. In production plants, and companies in general, the trend is to move on from closed customer-specific systems to cloud service products and diversified architecture.

The new Leanware Business Director Ilkka Muilu sees that here Leanware has a great opportunity as the digitalizer of industry processes. Some of Finnish companies are advanced in their digitalization, but some are only starting their journey. According to Muilu, Leanware has much to offer to all companies, regardless of their stage of digitalization. This is possible because the products are module-based and sold as a service and they grow in accordance with the companies’ needs.

“When cloud systems and diversified architecture are used, the IT solutions to be used can be chosen more freely without committing to certain service providers or solutions. This makes it possible for the companies to select the systems best suited for their needs. This creates benefits when, for example, the existing enterprise resource planning system does not limit the selection of other information systems. Leanware aims to grow by especially offering modern solutions in its own areas of expertise,” Muilu explains.

Many companies of the manufacturing industry suffer from the lack of skilled personnel. But by digitalizing and streamlining the production processes it is possible to make the challenge more manageable.

“Once the processes are logical and the interfaces are easy to use, job rotation becomes possible. For example, the assembly professionals can focus on the actual assembly and no time is wasted on secondary work, such as picking the materials. Our objective is to get the customer’s processes to flow by combining logistics and production management and then digitalizing the combination as much as possible,” Muilu continues.

Man of continuous improvement and step-by-step changes

Even though Leanware is known especially as the supplier of systems, Muilu thinks that the systems themselves do not change anything. The key is to know the companies’ processes so that they can be improved with the systems. That is the only way to digitalize industry production profitably. Dare to digitalize even more, that is Muilu’s advice.

“There is always room for improvement. And all the improvement measures can happen simultaneously. However, instead of leaps or bounds I would rather speak of little changes that direct the process to advance. Let us make the processes more efficient one step and one part at a time. This way, the change is controlled and genuinely possible,” says Muilu.

As a director, Muilu describes himself as an expert who listens closely to personnel and customers.

“Of course, stepping into a leading position in a growth company is a fine challenge for me. However, nobody does this alone. Together with the people at Leanware we aim to help Finnish companies advance on the road to digitalization. I’m goal-oriented and analytical. It is my task to show the right direction and to create the facilities for our personnel’s and, through them, our customers’ success,” Muilu describes.

Ilkka Muilu has over 12 years of experience in working with enterprise resource planning systems. Before being appointed the Business Director of Leanware, Muilu was employed at Solteq Oyj for almost eight years as the business director of enterprise resource planning services and as a patronage director. Muilu lives in Tampere with his family. He has a wife and three children. Most evenings are occupied by the children’s hobbies.

Further information: Business Director Ilkka Muilu, Leanware Oy, +358 40 582 7692,

Leanware Oy is a software house specialised in the information systems of commerce, industry, and logistics and its clients can be found all over the world; in Finland, Europe, China, and Brazil. In the financial year ending in 2019, the company’s turnover was about ten million euros and the company employs almost a hundred professionals in the field. The company’s head office is located in Tampere.


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