Press release: Leanware’s Top Performance Warehouse 2019 recognition awarded for a bold pioneer in the field – In-house logistics helps solve the challenges of works-life and reduces the carbon footprint

Leanware’s Top Performance Warehouse 2019 recognition winner Würth Oy is a pioneer in logistics. The company has increased both productivity and well-being at workplace with pioneering logistical solutions. The goal for 2019 is to reduce carbon footprint with green logistics. Leanware Oy, an expert company in efficient processes, awarded Würth the Leanware Top Performance Warehouse recognition on February 7th, 2019 at LOGY Conference.

Mika Rantanen, Chief Executive Officer of Würth, tells that logistics has been an important development area for the company from the very beginning. In an increasingly internationalized marketplace, reliable logistics is becoming a more and more important differentiation factor for both Finland and for companies:

“It is the age of the Internet – goods are purchased where it is most convenient. For both Würth and Finland, logistics is an important competitive factor and a way to build trust. For us, logistics is not only what happens to us when it comes to picking and collecting in the warehouse, rather it is the whole chain from the manufacturer to the customer – to production plant, construction site, all the way to an installer’s hand.”

Efficient in-house logistics frees employees from routines and increases meaningfulness of work

Managed logistical processes increase productivity, but they also help to increase well-being at work. Logistics Manager Terhi Vesala tells that development of logistics has made everyday life easier for Würth’s employees:

“We process large volumes, and the warehouse may have experienced really busy and bumpy days in the past. Thanks to our new system, a busy day no longer feels so busy for employees because the operations are controlled.”

In the future, labor shortages will be an increasingly relevant issue for businesses, and intelligent in-house logistics helps to direct human resources more efficiently. Back in September 2018, Würth’s Riihimäki logistics center introduced world’s first in-production-use robot collaborating with humans, also known as “cobot”. The robot is designed and manufactured by Würth’s automation supplier Vanderlande. The cobot, named Siiri, was warmly welcomed by employees. Rantanen emphasizes, however, that Würth’s goal is to support their employees with automation, not to replace them:

“With help from robots, we can get people into jobs where they are good at, such as tasks that require reasoning and judgment, or even empathy. Let automation do what it is good at. Humans will be heroes of logistics in the future, too.”

Efficient logistics is a concrete way to lower carbon footprint

Würth plans to significantly lower their carbon footprint by developing their logistics solutions in 2019. These goals will be pursued, for example, by curbing the amount of loss caused by packaging materials.

“One of our most important goals for next year is to reduce our carbon footprint by very concrete means, such as by reducing use of packaging materials and mileage of freight transport,” says Terhi Vesala, Logistics Manager.

Leanware’s warehouse management system accurately calculates the amount of materials needed, leaving less redundant space to fill with packaging material in cardboard boxes. Now we are transporting goods tightly packed. According to Rantanen, environmentally friendly choices mean advantages for the customer too:

“Now we do not deliver trash to our customers. When ordering products from us, customers do not want to get a pile of trash as a “bonus”. Another important factor, of course, is simply economy: transporting air makes no sense in any way or fashion. We deliver compact and ecological packages that are easy to handle.”

Logistics pioneer needs the ability to see the whole

For the purposes of the award, the company’s staff and management, co-operation between purchase and sales departments, the company’s processes and guidance, facilities, tools and solutions as well as utilization of the Lean 6S method will be evaluated. However, the final decision will be based on totality of things. The winner of the award is expected to be able to see logistics as a whole, and to demonstrate desire to continuously develop. According to Janne Viinikkala, Chief Executive Officer of Leanware Oy, Würth’s functional and efficient processes have given us the opportunity to try out something new:

“At Würth, they can see the connections between things, and they have the desire and aspiration to be number one in logistics. Then you cannot do what others are doing, you have to take risks and try things out. Top companies do that – followers just copy.”

Würth’s representatives CEO Mika Rantanen and Logistics Manager Terhi Vesala, together with Leanware’s representatives CEO Janne Viinikkala and Business Director Mira Sohlman will be available for interviews on Thursday February 7th at 11:00 AM at the LOGY Conference in Finlandiatalo building at Leanware’s department (department number 8).

Further information:

Janne Viinikkala (Mr.)
Chief Executive Officer, Leanware Oy
+358 50 558 0865

Mika Rantanen (Mr.)
Chief Executive Officer, Würth
+358 40 775 0470

Terhi Vesala (Ms.)
Logistics Manager, Würth
+358 50 500 0344

Würth Oy’s logistics center in Riihimäki, Finland:

  • The center has 50,000 different product items available for collecting and picking.
  • The logistics center has approximately 200 employees and approximately 160 administrative workers.
  • There are 200 Würth centers throughout Finland.
  • Center was built in 1987, the latest expansion was made back in 2016. The total investment then exceeded 23 million euros.

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