Production automation control

The possibilities created by automation are a prerequisite for efficient industry. The number of products and product variations increases and it causes pressure for production automation. Production flexibility must increase as lead times become shorter and batches become smaller. At the same time work must flow smoothly, so that the right things are done at the right time using the right materials.

Manual control is history

Leanware specializes in merging automation control into an efficient part of the production process. Automation is controlled with MES or WMS systems and there is no need for separate control systems or manual control. Automation is integrated as part of the system in accordance with the international standard ISA-95.

In the manufacturing industry we have merged automation to be a part of the total process in the material warehouse, in production part manufacture, assembly, intermediate storage and end product storage.

Automation and electric tool control

  • Packing machines
  • Material transport automation e.g., using AGVs.
  • Tool control
  • Testing and measuring devices that automatically collect information

Steps towards production automation control

We always start with a Prestudy in which we review the automation choice and scaling needs. We find the challenges based on data and the most important development points that we can tackle together using control systems.


Production automation choice and scaling


System description, modeling




System implementation


Leanware trains your staff


Continuous development

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