The Ponsse and Leanware cooperation is expanding

The founder of the company is switching from the CEO role to sales in order to support Finland in becoming a pioneer in digitalization. Leanware is still aiming for growth and looking to strengthen its status as a market leader in the key industries.

CEO of Leanware Jan

Leanware Oy participates in the factory investments of Ponsse Oyj, a harvester manufacturer based in Vieremä. Ponsse invested in expanding its manufacturing facility and the work is scheduled for completion in late 2017. The level of plant automation is being increased and functions are being aggressively developed. The goals of the investments are to create higher quality products, significantly improve efficiency and create a safer working environment.

In order to ensure efficient and modern logistics, Ponsse is also increasing its automation level of warehouse logistics. The machinery and systems for warehouse logistics are supplied by Leanware and SSI Schäfer and the companies are working together to deliver the system. Schäfer is supplying the warehouse automation system and Leanware is implementing the warehouse management system. LeanwareWMS will manage the warehouse’s overall processes, including both people and automation, so that automation doesn’t become a separate function at the plant.

“The investments are to ensure product and manufacturing quality to our customers in all conditions. We are seeking more efficiency and flexibility. The demand for PONSSE harvesters is high and the forestry outlook is positive in several of our market areas”, says Juho Nummela, CEO of Ponsse Oyj.

Long-term partnership

Leanware Oy has worked together with Ponsse before. In the 2013 summer, Leanware delivered a WMS to Ponsse’s new logistics center.

The logistics center, located in Iisalmi, is the central depot of PONSSE spare parts and supplies the inventories at country-specific and regional warehouses with different needs. Ponsse has 181 service and spare parts centers in its international service network. Well-functioning logistics is a very important part of effectively servicing our wide base of harvesters.

Additional information:

Janne Viinikkala, CEO
Leanware Oy
t. +358 (0)50 558 0865

Teija Pesonen, Development Engineer
Ponsse Oyj
t. +358 (0)40 058 3864

ne Viinikkala will be replaced by Ville Keskinen, Business Director, Industry, who has served in management roles at the company for the past six years. The CEO role will be Keskinen’s third position at Leanware. Keskinen will assume the role of CEO in March 2020.

“This is a win-win situation. I’m looking forward to supporting our amazing personnel and taking part in making our company an even more attractive prospect for employees and customers alike. Leanware has been a great journey of growth for me. Janne will get to serve Finnish commerce and industry on the frontlines. We are still a growing company, and our aim is a 20 percent increase in revenue in 2020.”

CEO feels a calling to lead sales

Founder and CEO of Leanware Janne Viinikkala will be gradually transitioning to a leading role in sales at his own request.

“Digitalization is advancing too slowly in Finland. This is our clear mission, and I want to give it everything I’ve got. Our company principle is that everyone needs to find the position where they feel most the passionate in and where they can best serve the company and its customers. Now it’s my turn to follow it.”

Viinikkala notes that the work we do needs to feel meaningful in order to improve well-being for both the individual and the company.

“I’m at my best when I’m out on the field helping our customers, and that is also the best way for me to serve the big picture. It’s incredibly important to do work that feels meaningful. This is the right time for me to pass the baton.”

Leanware will start recruiting for a new Business Director for the company’s industrial services on Monday, 2 December.

Further information:

Leanware Oy
Janne Viinikkala, CEO, +358 50 558 0865,
Ville Keskinen, Business Director, Industry, +358 50 593 6587,

Leanware Ltd is a software company based in Tampere that specializes in information systems for commerce, industry and logistics. Leanware’s core expertise lies in introducing information systems, such as warehouse management and logistics solutions, to streamline processes and support business operations. The company employs approximately 100 people, and its revenue in 2019 is €9.5 million.

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