Press release: Ponsse streamlined warehouse processes making staff number 1 priority – 23% volume growth rewarded with Leanware Top Performance Warehouse recognition

In a short period of time, Ponsse Oyj managed to improve the flexibility, efficiency and quality of their logistics center in Iisalmi hand in hand with significant growth. Over three years, e.g. number of line items increased by 50,000 additional lines. The staggering 23 per cent increase in number of line items was achieved without increasing the headcount of staff. All this was done in a people-centric way by leading change, listening to the views of staff and by developing together. Ponsse’s logistics center in Iisalmi was awarded the Leanware Top Performance Warehouse recognition, which is handed out by Leanware Oy – an expert company in efficient processes.

Leanware’s view is that a top warehouse requires five elements to be successful: Staff and management, Co-operation between purchase and sales departments, Management and systematization of warehouse processes and control, Appropriate facilities, equipment and storage solutions, and finally Lean’s 5S method (5 Sigma), or Lean 6S (6 Sigma) in Ponsse’s case. The combination of all of these elements has been exemplary at Ponsse’s logistics center, and Leanware wants to award Ponsse for this.

Development measures to promote efficiency have been executed at several levels. In everyday work of the logistics center, the result is reflected in the fact that now more things can be achieved in the warehouse in the same time period than before. Sense of urgency for staff has decreased. Also, concrete changes in practices have also contributed to occupational safety and job satisfaction.

“For example, the standardized cleanliness model introduced at workstations and machines saves tens of minutes every day, and occupational safety has improved. Staff themselves have noticed the benefits,” says Tuomas Yli-Marttila, who is responsible for operations at Ponsse’s logistics center.

Genuine development starts with involvement of staff

All development work has been done in co-operation with the staff. Tuomas Yli-Marttila from Ponsse has been pleased to note that employees are looking forward to developing new things since results are felt in everyday work.

“The best ideas come from those who work on things every day. We have introduced systematic practices for meetings, and staff are constantly kept informed on progress. Listening to, encouraging and supporting our staff has played a key role. All this has created an open atmosphere, which makes it easier to present development ideas people feel more courageous about it,” Yli-Marttila says.

Leanware awards the “Leanware Top Performance Warehouse” recognition to thank for exemplary work in developing in-house logistics.

“With this recognition, we also want to inspire all companies to develop their in-house logistics further. In the age of internet and “lean thinking”, relevance of logistics is significantly more important than ever before,” says Janne Viinikkala, Chief Executive Officer of Leanware.

Leanware’s Top Performance Warehouse recognition, which will now be awarded for the first time, will be presented to Ponsse Oyj on February 9, 2018 during the LOGY Conference cruise. Representatives of both Ponsse and Leanware will be available for in-person meetings during the LOGY Conference seminar from 10:50 to 11:20 AM on February 8, 2018 at Finlandia-talo building.

Further information:

Janne Viinikkala (Mr.)
Chief Executive Officer, Leanware Oy
+358 50 558 0865

Tuomas Yli-Marttila (Mr.)
Logistics Manager, Ponsse Oyj
+358 40 630 5237

Teija Pesonen (Ms.)
Development Engineer, Ponsse Oyj
+358 40 0583864

Ponsse Oyj’s logistics center in Iisalmi

  • Diversified central warehouse serving Ponsse’s spare parts deliveries globally. PONSSE’s service network consists of 180 service and spare parts centers in 40 different countries.
  • Every year, more than 100,000 separate shipments leave Iisalmi for the world. The central warehouse includes more than 20,000 spare parts items.
  • All spare parts for PONSSE forestry machines are dispatched from the logistics center, ranging from hydraulic components to forestry machine accessories.

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