The supply chain benefits from consulting services

Changes and changing trends are normal in the world of today regardless of industry. Changes force companies to evolve and make radical changes in their supply chains and operations.

Experienced expert service for purchasing and warehouse management

Changes and changing trends are normal in the world of today regardless of industry.

Our consultants focus on improving companies’ performance and innovation ability based on facts and numbers analysis. We bring expertise e.g., to the development of supply chain strategy, architecture, functional efficiency and supply chain flexibility.

We help clarify and analyze the current situation.

We clarify selection management processes and produce clear goals and indicators for the operation. We accurately analyze monitoring and processes and help in supply chain management.

Our supply chain consulting services:

  • Prestudy
  • Purchasing training
  • Quick analysis

Supply chain consulting is strategic definition work

A review of supply chain operations and management is always useful, but especially changes in the company open up a good opportunity for a more detailed analysis of the operation.

Our consulting benefits e.g.:

  • Lifespan control and product managers
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Purchasing directors
  • Material buyers
  • Financial management that requires a financial view on how profitability and performance can be improved
Toimitusketju voi olla vaikeasti hallittava, näytöillä kuinka se onnistuu avullamme

Why is consulting worth it?

  • You get an outside, unbiased view
  • You get a system-independent development point identification and prioritization
  • Consulting supports the investment calculations of the company
  • Avoid investment losses
  • The expert recognizes needs and knows how to develop them
  • You get the use of industry best practices
  • You get help and support for bids


During the Prestudy, we analyze the most important functions of the supply chain using real data from your company. We visualize challenges and successes based on experience from over 200 Prestudies. We also visualize challenges and successes in the analysis.

Our Prestudy contains e.g.:

  • Availability
  • Optimal stock levels
  • Amount of work
  • The right selection and its availability
  • The analysis contains a simulation of the impact of efficient control on KPI and revenue based the customer’s data.
  • Using the ABC philosophy, an analysis of items, suppliers and clients
  • The loss and improvement potential of supply chain management
  • Under and over stocking
  • Deficiencies and their impact on sales and customer satisfaction
  • The right item selection
  • Suppliers
  • Customers

Prestudy in practice

  • Purchasing and warehouse management development potential and monetization of development points
  • Ideal operational models for stock control
  • Benefits of dynamic calculations and ABC philosophy
  • Visualized practical examples and their processing
  • Simulation of purchasing and inventory management indicators and goals
  • Review of range management
  • Prioritization of development points
  • Rough monetized development potential and repayment estimate of the development project

Implement information through purchasing and warehouse management training

We offer high-quality, detailed training and courses for practical implementation of best practices. The training allows you to ensure the commitment and development of key persons and organization. The training is always tailored to your needs.

Our training selection includes e.g.

  • Supply chain management and purchasing as revenue creators
  • Purchasing KPI
  • ABC philosophy in management
  • Selection management fundamentals and processes
  • Supplier cooperation and its development

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