Material flows can create value or can be a problem. What about you?

Material flows and their control are the key to the improvement of productivity in many companies. A timely and high-quality material flow enables efficient production in manufacturing companies. In warehouses, e.g., in industry, harbors and trade, the efficiency of the entire process is based on an efficient material flow. Challenges are often created by weak processes or poor transparency. When is the last time you have looked at the material flow processes with the eyes of an outsider?

Leanware has material flow professionals

Material flows exist everywhere: in harbors, industry and in-house logistics. Often these material flows require very different solutions and processes to achieve efficiency. We expertly use various technologies and material automation. We are familiar with e.g., RFID, barcodes, scales, conveyors, stacker cranes, AGVs and wheel loaders.

We have researched 250 warehouses and 100 production facilities with 20 years of experience. A significant part of our consulting has been put into practice, which testifies to our success and the satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to our experience, we have broad industry and process knowhow, which you as our customer have disposal of.

Leanware also develops its own software, and our consultants are familiar with the best software solutions in the trade. We always look for the best solution for you – and find it.

Material flow process analysis

We are visionary experts and we have the courage to challenge. At the core of our operation is strong trust and open communication. Our consultations are not only based on opinions, but also on strict data analysis and facts.

Our experts know how to look for practical improvement suggestions and how to provide a payback estimate. We look for money pits in the physical world and produce digital solution models for them.

  • Current state vs ideal process, identification of process development potential
  • Traceability throughout the entire supply chain
  • In-house logistics layout statement on upper level
Suuri varasto, jossa materiaalivirtojen hallinta on olennainen osa luontevaa toimintaa

Our clients are extremely satisfied with our material flow consulting

You always receive concrete suggestion e.g., for layout, tools, working methods and systems. Our consultant views dozens of locations annually. This creates a huge bank of knowhow and ideas. Based on the consultation, the operation can be made significantly more efficient. Our customer testimonials prove it.

Consultation improves quality and traceability as well as delivery speed. Increase of customer satisfaction is one of our good, concrete indicators. It is also important for many of our customers to be able to answer to changing marketing situations, such as the growth of item numbers, smaller order amounts or the decrease of a single order.

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