Industry needs straight-talking experts

Industry is a type of production activity in which processes must be kept up-to-date. Our consulting services focus on problem solving and the benefits brought by digitalization, so that operations are efficient and the right matters are focused on. We always start from the goals of the customer and the possible need for digitalization is estimated along the journey.

“Leanware’s consulting before the automation of in-house logistics and the warehouse management project was a huge help to Ponsse when mapping out an efficient overview of in-house logistics, thinking of possibilities and finally improving the current situation.”

– Teija Pesonen, Development Engineer, Ponsse Oyj

Consulting lets you benefit from our expertise

Our consultants help improve efficiency, quality and transparency in production facilities as well as in logistics centers. During consultation, we find the possible operational development points and give practical suggestions for improving them. Our consultants will provide an outside view to your current situation and recognize and prioritize your development points – independently of the systems used.

Consulting supports the investment calculations of your company and you can avoid investment losses. Our experts will notice and observe needs effectively and will provide information about industry best practices and solutions that have proven to be effective elsewhere.

The entire organization can benefit from industry consulting services

Industry consulting services help many

Consulting services map out the situation, whether the goals and development points are already clear in the customer’s mind or if process success is uncertain. In the turmoil of change and growth, our consultants come to aid and will give their straight opinion.

  • The person in charge of processes
  • The person in charge of investments, key figures and profitability of the factory
  • IT organizations
  • Development organizations
  • Startups
  • Companies going through personnel changes
  • Companies going through business integrations or mergers

Industry consulting in practice

  • Production development potential and development point monetization
  • Ideal operational models for production control
  • Making production more efficient
  • Quality and traceability
  • Utilizing machine and tool data
  • Production in-house logistics
  • Content recommendation and roadmap for the piloting of digitalization
  • Recommendation for system architecture
  • Rough monetized development potential and payback estimate of the development project


  • Digital production roadmap and system architecture (ISA-95, Industry 4.0)
  • Improving production and quality with MES
  • Production transparency and improvement -> Visualization
  • Production control models (pull/push, line/cell)
  • Production material flow efficiency – LEAN model
  • Production data and analytics
  • Management by data – KPI
  • Warehouse expansions and new warehouses – recommendation
  • Warehouse automation analysis and recommendation
Teollisuus ja sen järjestäminen ovat vaikeita kysymyksiä, konsultoinnista oikea ratkaisu käyttöön

Leanware provides experience for your use

Leanware is an experienced manufacturing in-house logistics, supply chain and production digitalization expert and software company. We offer a broad view of best practices and ready solutions for manufacturing. We guide our customers in becoming top factories.

During our 20-year career, we have learnt the best practices of production and in-house logistics through the experience of working on more than 250 warehouses and 100 production facilities.

We have a broad view and experience within the manufacturing industry and its processes. Our consultants boast an impressive working experience with production, warehouse management and purchasing. Leanware consultants combine process, industry, IT and integration knowhow.

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