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Huge amounts of material and information is processed in a harbor, but finding bottlenecks and renewing operations can be challenging. Our consulting services help clarify the situation and find the right solutions for the customer.

Experienced expert service for the harbor environment

At the core of our harbor operator consulting service is making harbor processes more efficient. You will have the use of 10 years’ worth of experience as well as the leading expert in Finland. Using the experience gained from working with a large number of customers, we have compared and developed industry best practices for our customers’ use. Our consultants always have up-to-date information about how harbor operators work.

A practical approach is the cornerstone of our consulting. We map out the current state of operation, recognize the improvement potential and create a summary of the needed changes. You will receive a concrete suggestion about how to improve your operations and how to develop processes and tools. Finally, you will receive clear steps for development and support to develop your operations in the right direction – towards efficiency and transparency.

We provide our customer with a high-quality opinion that is always based on experience and data. We can broaden the consulting in accordance with your needs and dive deeper into development paths and concrete procedures.

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Most benefit can be gained from consulting during changes

The operation must continuously evolve in order to stay competitive. Even the best in the industry can develop tunnel vision, which can be greatly improved by expert outside opinions. We provide our consulting with a satisfaction guarantee, so the investment is always risk free for the customer.

We have developed our consulting service for harbor operators, especially for challenging situations and changes. There can be two types of situations:

  • There are challenges threatening business, the business objectives have been lost and the operations lack direction.
  • Positive changes are forcing growth. New clients and the renewal of material flows or operations require clarification and improvement.
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