Our experts know what commerce logistics need

The visionary consulting of commerce logistics and supply chain is an important tool. How do you recognize the need for modern warehouse management? Which systems allow you to benefit from digitalization in in-house logistics? Should you think about warehouse automation? These questions can be answered by our broad consulting services.

“Thanks to the Prestudy’s results, we were able to recognize the central development points of our warehousing as well as their cost savings potential. Additionally, we received good tips for how to develop our warehouse operations even before making warehouse management system investment.”

– Anna Gustafsson, Logistics Manager, Airam Electric Oy Ab

“The results of the assessment confirmed our perception on needing changes, which we had already recognized. Luckily, this gave us practical operational suggestions that we were able to adopt right away. This resulted in savings and improved efficiency even before the deployment of the WMS system.”

– Jyri-Jukka Ääri, Managing Director, Tevella Oy

It is our consultants’ job to help

The expertise of our consultants can be utilized to increase efficiency, quality and transparency in logistics centers and warehouses. Our main focus areas are retail, import, wholesale and e-commerce. It is our job to find the development points of your operation as well as its potential.

Have you identified particular problem points in your operations? Our expert will discuss your needs with you and will find the potential from the viewpoints you have identified.

Are your thoughts a mess or have you lost direction? Our expert will clarify your needs, review the situation and identify the development points and then give you an honest opinion.

Our consulting services will help individuals do their job efficiently and well, so that the benefit can also be broadly seen in the modes of operation of the businesses and finally in the profits.

Our consulting services specifically help:

  • The person in charge of processes
  • The person in charge of logistics investments, key figures and profitability of logistics
  • The IT organization
  • The development organization
  • Startups
  • Companies that have gone through business integrations or mergers
  • A company changing locations
  • Companies that have gone through personnel changes


  • Roadmap for digital warehouse management
  • Measuring of the total efficiency of in-house logistics
  • Process analysis of material flow
  • Architecture (ISA-95) in warehouse operations
  • Analysis and planning of warehouse material flows
  • Warehouse expansions and new warehouses
  • Warehouse automation analyses and recommendation
  • Warehouse analytics and management by data
  • Real-time and transparent in-house logistics
Kaupan logistiikka kuntoon, Leanware auttaa

Leanware provides experience for your use

Leanware will provide you with an outside and unbiased view and system-independent development point recognition and prioritization. Consultation supports the investment calculations of the business and you can get help and support for bids. Our experts notice needs and know how to develop them resulting in e.g., less investment losses. At the same time, you will be provided with industry best practices.

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