We are experts in digital productivity

It is a specialty of Leanware consulting to recognize the possibilities for improving productivity through digitalization and efficient processes e.g., in commerce, industry and harbor operations. Consulting can also be used to improve your business internally, or you can use the partner network for support.

Best practices

We consult our customers in internal logistics, trade, industry and harbor operations. We have experienced experts, who can analyze and improve many different focus areas. All of our consultations are system-independent and are based on standards, research and best practices. The more than 400 Prestudies done by Leanware provide you with the best comparison data in the field.

Our concrete realizations include

  • Process Consulting
  • Automation consulting
  • IT Architecture
  • Digitalization Roadmap
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • Change Management
Leanware konsultointipalvelut auttavat valitsemaan oikean järjestelmän

Our Prestudy solidifies development points

Our Prestudy provides a concrete base and direction for your development project. The purpose of the Prestudy is to map out your needs and the current situation and find the ideal operation models based on data analysis and the views of our experts.


Background information analysis

  • The customer and Leanware review the framework and limits of a predefined warehouse/production day
  • The customer answers the background information request sent by Leanware
  • Leanware forms a preliminary analysis based on the received information in order to fully utilize the warehouse/production day

Present state analysis

  • Processing of background information
  • Processing of predefined warehouse/production day issues

Process walkthrough

  • Review of warehouse/production processes in the customer’s facility
  • Demonstrating recognized development points in practice


  • Leanware creates documentation based on the background information and the warehouse/production day
  • It is recommended that the customer be available to answer any additional questions that might arise

Processing results

  • The result package of the Prestudy is presented to the customer

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