Skydda took control of its warehouse – efficiency already up by more than 30%

Skydda, a supplier of personal protective equipment to industry and the construction sector, is aiming for strong growth without compromising on customer satisfaction. To achieve this, the company has set up its own, efficient warehouse. Skydda chose Leanware as its partner, as we were able to support the design of the new warehouse and take charge of the software execution of the entire warehouse operation.

With a range of over 30,000 personal protective products, Skydda is the Nordic leader in its field. According to Managing Director Toni Schlobohm, Skydda is a growing company that places a high priority on delivering on its promises to customers.

Skydda’s own warehouse to replace an outsourced service

Skydda wanted to take a more active role in the management and development of its logistics. This meant abandoning its use of an outsourced warehouse and looking for a new partner to set up its own warehouse that would meet the company’s criteria in terms of quality and service standards.

“We carried out a comprehensive survey of potential partners. Leanware was recommended to us, and after the first few meetings we were convinced they were the best partner to work with.  They understood our business and our needs, such as how we operate and what our customers demand.” – Toni Schlobohm, Managing Director, Skydda

In choosing Leanware, Skydda got an experienced partner that could provide professional support in the design of the new warehouse and take charge of the software execution of the entire warehouse operations.

Tight schedule? Not a problem

The project started with a calculation of the warehouse space requirements and dimensioning, after which the processes required for the change could be determined. The preliminary mapping led to a LeanwareWMS software delivery plan with an ambitious implementation schedule, as the new warehouse was to be up and running within 2.5 months of the start of the partnership. No compromises were made on either side in terms of the deadline, as it was important in terms of efficiency and profitability for Skydda’s new warehouse to be fully operational from day one.

“We had a tight schedule, but together we met it.” Toni Schlobohm, Managing Director, Skydda.

The software delivery schedule was kept on track thanks to the complete commitment of everyone involved. According to Mika Hyvärinen, logistics manager at Skydda, the project was so successful because the partners worked as a team, with a common goal and strategy.

“The world would be a better place if everything was done the way this project was carried out. I can only tip my hat to the Leanware team!” – Mika Hyvärinen, Logistics Manager, Skydda

The tight schedule was also met because Leanware has formidable experience in project management, delegation of responsibilities and scheduling. In addition, Skydda was a committed and active partner, which enabled the two companies to work together even under very demanding deadlines.

“Skydda had an ambitious goal to set up its own warehouse, recruit warehouse staff and implement warehouse management software (WMS), all at the same time. The implementation of the software went smoothly with good collaboration, and I’m very satisfied with the end result.” – Jari Niemi, WMS System Consultant, Leanware Oy

Collection efficiency increased immediately by more than 30 percent

Logistics Manager Mika Hyvärinen of Skydda was in charge of the project, and says that the design of the warehouse layout focused particularly on infrastructure to achieve maximum efficiency. This was very successful, since collection efficiency has already increased by more than 30 percent.

“We are a growing company, and using the latest technology is important for us. The Leanware solution supports our growth very well, which is already noticeable – from the very start, collection performance is better.” –  Skydda Managing Director Toni Schlobohm

Skydda delivers on its customer promise with a Leanware solution

Skydda aims for strong growth without compromising on customer satisfaction. Thanks to collaboration with Leanware, both are possible.

“Our promise to our customers is that they will receive their order within one to two days. This is possible with the solution from Leanware. Delivering on our customer promise has a direct impact on customer confidence and the customer experience.” – Toni Schlobohm, Managing Director, Skydda

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