In only 8 weeks: Directing the material flows of Finland’s largest forklift factory with LeanwareWMS


Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe Oy (MLE Oy), formerly known as Rocla Oy, manufactures and markets electronic warehouse and counterbalance forklifts, automatic forklift systems and their lifecycle-long overall services. The company employs over 500 professionals in product development, production, and automation business in Järvenpää. MLE Oy decided to move in stages from line storages to the picking […]

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Pioneering examples


Several different metrics measure commerce to be the largest sector in Finland. The megatrends of digitalization and automation also apply to streamlining commercial operations. Tightening global competition means that things like digital skills play an ever-increasing role in logistics. How does one become one of the success stories? The essential question is this: will you […]

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Boosting in-house logistics through gamification


Today’s warehouses face four key challenges: an increase in the quantity and selection of products, a decrease in the average order size, tightening global and local competition, and fewer qualified employees—and to top it off, they are all occurring at the same time. This means that increasing the competitiveness of a warehouse requires constant improvements […]

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