Bold investments create opportunities


Finnish port operations are constantly developing. Some examples of this include large-scale investments in the Baltic Sea Pulp Centre in Mussalo—a rare operation even on an international scale—and in the development of the quay and warehouse areas at the Port of Pori. Both projects stem from growing business requirements and competition that have created the need to renew and streamline operations. In the midst of global economic uncertainty, which has sizable effects on the logistically significant port operations, bold and well-grounded investments can create opportunities to increase competitiveness and meet business goals.

The same reasons are also driving port companies and operators to actively develop and invest in their information systems. Operators who are leading the wave of digitalization are investing in replacing their old systems with the aim of streamlining operations and cutting costs, whereas those slower to act might be implementing their first digital solutions.

Both types of operators require an expert partner who delivers solutions efficiently. A competent service provider has a good handle on industry terminology, the interdependency of different operations and the requirements of any related systems, such as the systems of the operator’s customers or relevant authorities. These should be the minimum requirements when it comes to any industry. System providers can also bring additional value to their customers by informing them about the industry’s best practices and cutting out any solutions that have already been deemed inefficient.

Leanware employs the only team of experts in Finland that focuses on serving the needs of the port industry. We have more than a decade of experience in working with port operators. We responsibly serve our existing customers, while we are also actively looking for new partnerships. Our goal is to strengthen our market leader status so that we can offer our customers ever-increasing value from partnering with us.

Aleksi Korkea-aho
Business Director, Custom Solutions
Leanware Oy